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Cristian Cano
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Since I was a child I was into games because my father loves them.

I played games like En busca del Imperio Cobra, Othello, La ruta del tesoro (a spanish remake of Monopoly), a little later I was introduced into Chess and other abstract strategy games my father owned. My father only like abstract strategy games, so I never knew other kind of games.

Then internet bursted and a new world of information opened in front of us... years in wich playing wasn't in my priorities...

When I started a relationship with my current girlfriend (my lovely Teresa) I taught her to play backgammon and she loved it... we played it a lot in our first year together.

On late august of 2008 I thought buying Teresa a game as a gift for her 26th birthday, Quoridor to be exact, a game I loved from my father's collection. To see where I could buy it I wrote Quoridor on Google and suddenly my life changed when the first entry was a link to boardgamegeek: "Boardgamegeek, what the hell is this!!!" I can't forget that day.

The month until her birthday I spent hours every day reading about games, designers,... most of them new to me.

Finally my present to her was two handmade games: Pueblo and Quoridor but by that time I was already obsessed with boardgames and taking contact with gamers of my living area. Two year have passed since that day and now I'm playing games with my new geekbuddies almost twice every week, knowing new good people and having much fun.

At some point of 2015 I stopped registering all children games played with my daughter because sometimes we play 3 games in 20 minutes and that requires too much work for me. When the games are specially remarkable due to her entusiasm playing or whatever I'd register those games.

I would start when we play more complex games together.


100th ratings: 26-02-2009 (owned 79)
100th owned: 20-06-2009 (ratings 143)
200th ratings: 27-12-2009 (owned 133)

I never thought I would play more than 100 new games in less than one year in 2010.

300th ratings: 21-11-2010 (owned 124)

I can't believe I did it again, more than 100 new games tried in less than a year taking in account that in this year even I became father. I can't complain, I try even more games that what I desire. It could sound weird but I prefer to play multiple times to the same game instead of always been trying new games. But anyway...

400th ratings: 08-10-2011 (owned 149)
500th ratings: 10-02-2013 (owned 172)
600th ratings: 04-05-2015 (owned 195)

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