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Nigel Buckle
United Kingdom
Thornton Heath
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Omega Centauri
Published in 2014

One of my designs was going to be published (by JKLM Games) and has an entry here on the geek, Omega Centauri, but they've folded now and Spiral Galaxy Games has taken it over

The name changed several times (Ascendancy, Alien Ascendancy and now Omega Centauri), see here.

If a publisher of non-english games is interested get in touch!

Changed my avatar because Omega Centauri has new box art

This was my old avatar, from Celtic Quest

If you're based in South London (Thornton Heath/Croydon area) and want a game, drop me a message. You bring it, I'll play it. My haves are listed here.

I occasionally attend the London on Board games' club

I'm interested in trading games - check my trade and want list. If you have something to trade that I haven't got on my want list, send me a message - unless I already have it or I've ranked the game '4' or lower. I'll respond to all trade offers, just give me a little more time than the default '3' days as I often don't have access to the internet over the weekends. Also at the moment some of my 'trades' are in storage - doesn't mean I won't trade, but it might take me a bit of time to find the game and check contents etc. I need more space for my games ...

I'm prepared to trade overseas - but if you're outside of Europe be aware I'm in the UK, which makes shipping costs high, especially if the game is heavy! Best to limit it to hard to find stuff rather than recent releases.

I don't look at Boardgamegeek all the time, but if you send me a message I will get back to you as soon as I can.

According to Matthew Gray's Tool I'm mainly an Amerigamer (Type 1) with Eurogamer (Type 3) and Amerigamer (Type 2) tendancies.

Best cluster match quality: 0.144508670520231
100 Amerigamer (Type 1) (20963)
78 Eurogamer (Type 3) (421)
76 Amerigamer (Type 2) (421 21050)
64 Eurogamer (Type 2) (12002)
56 Eurogamer (Type 1) ()

Or to put it another way, I like Ameritrash, Heavy Euros and Wargames - only games I really don't like are games when I'm playing them I wish I wasn't! - most party games & games that are very chaotic/random seem to fit that category. Although prefer Ameritrash type games I'll play a euro if it has something interesting going on (rather than a rehash of stuff you've seen before with a pasted on theme, especially if the theme is dull or over used).

But I like the mechanics to fit the theme - if the game is just an abstract with a thin theme pasted on I'd rather play it as an abstract. Lighter Euros don't usually do it for me - certainly many of the the latest releases miss the mark completely.

Probably my favourites are games with solid theme, card mechanics and interaction - just look at my top 10.

I stopped logging my plays in July 07, instead my 'Hot 10' are the games I'm currently playing the most:

On the wargame side now play the shorter/lighter games (due to lack of opponents mostly). Usually prefer strategic to tactical. Like the simpler Card Driven ones (Twilight Struggle, We the People, Hannibal), like the block games (especially Hammer of the Scots). Like Combat Commander - an exception to the strategy over tactics preference ... most of my older wargames are up for trade (hint, hint).

I think I tend to rate games more harshly than most, and my tastes are definitely not in line with many people, here's what my ratings mean:

10 - A personal favourite, I'd play this whenever I could, providing I had the right players.
9 - Great game, not quite a 10, happy to play this all the time (with the right players)
8 - very good - definitely play it, but not all the time.
7 - good, I'll play this, and depending on the situation might suggest it. [unliklely to trade]
6 - Ok, I'll play this [but would consider trading it for the right offer ...]
5 - Ok ish, rather run of the mill, won't object to playing if nothing else is on offer[would trade]
4 - bit meh, won't object to playing this too much, but definitely not one I like very much [trade pile]
3 - very meh, unlikely to play unless you really convince me ... [trade pile]
2 - gulp not playing this ... don't ask. [trade pile]
1 - gulp angry really really really not playing this, whatever! [give me a trade offer, highly likely to accept]

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Top 10
#1: Omega Centauri
#2: Fallen
#3: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game
#4: Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deck Building Game
#5: Battlestar Galactica
#6: Race for the Galaxy
#7: Terra Mystica
#8: Jambo
#9: Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
#10: Runewars
Hot 10
#1: Omega Centauri
#2: Blood Rage
#3: Unpublished Prototype
#4: Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deck Building Game
#5: Fallen
#6: Churchill
#7: Eldritch Horror
#8: Tiny Epic Galaxies
#9: Viceroy
#10: Terra Mystica
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