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Alumini of Dogwarts University - Double First : Engineering for Dogs

I can strongly recommend the following UK suppliers and if you are ever in Reading, pop in to Ecletic Games who are located in Union Street where you will get a very warm welcome.

Christmas Card Exchange 2015

In again this year. Just got my list of people to send cards too. A good mix of countries this year
I think I received the most cards this year since I started with the Christmas Card Exchange. Thanks to all who sent me a card and to those who kindly acknowledged mine; much appreciated

Santa Grogs 2014 & Secret Santa 2014

Santa Grogs - Many thanks for my gift of HoldFast: Russia 1941-1942 brilliant choice which I am playing on Vassal

Santa - and many thanks to you for Grog Island and Medieval Academy & Medieval Academy: Expansion «Galanttry» and «Magic» looking forward to playing these

I was in the 'Christmas Card Exchange' again this year, thank you for running this again Connie meeple

I am the grateful recipient of seven cards, thank you all

Santa Grogs 2013


I received seven cards, from the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, USA x 3 and Turkey.

Here is my gift from Santa Grogs

Thank you very much, I'm really looking forward to playing these battles.

From my family I received

Thank you

And I also was given

From one of my regular Vassal opponents, lucky me


Secret Santa 2012

Here's what my very kind Secret Santa sent to me:

I really appreciate that you sent me an extra game, many, many thanks. You are a star


From my family I received:

A bumper gaming Christmas which is much appreciated.


From my Wargames Secret Santa I got:

Which I have been after for a while, thank you very much


I have received 9 BGG Christmas cards, thank you all

Secret Santa 2011

Update 26th December - lovely day yesterday when I was finally able to unwrap my Secret Santa presents.
I received No Peace Without Spain!& A Victory Denied from my Wargame Santa. I also received Eminent Domain from Santa which I was really pleased about

Secret Santa 2010

Wow, what can I say; my SS sent me a set of ACW playing cards, a book on Tales from South Carolina & a BGG.con t-shirt I am well pleased, thanks again Santa for your thoughtfulness.

and here are my SS presents

which I opened on Christmas Day, many thanks Secret Santa's.

Plus I received

as a family present

Secret Santa 2009

I opened my parcels from Secret Santa and received:

thank you very, very much

Secret Santa 2008

I opened my parcel from Santa and received:


Brief Bio

War & board gamer. I used to play a lot of miniature wargaming, mainly DBA but the painting got too much for my aged eyes blush

Mainly play quick & easy games with the family such as these below, especially on holidays when there is no escape (for them!)

My son and I also enjoy

and I enjoy solo games of:

I like to indulge my passion for wargames when I get the time. I started back in the seventies with SPI & Avalon Hill titles (I still have Squad Leader to this day).

Due to lack of opponents most of my wargaming is done solo, which is OK as I can play at my own pace. I tend to favor games I can set-up quickly such as Up Front, Leningrad, C&C Ancients, Clash of Giants etc. Like many wargamers I have several many titles that have yet to reach the table!

I really enjoy playing with a number of opponents on Vassal - Clash of Giants II, Men of Iron, C&C Napoleonics, Guilford, Monmouth, Twilight Struggle & Mr Madison's War have had an outing so far!

Some time ago I managed to get a copy of Up Front which has turned into one of my all time favourite games, even playing solo; I am keen to play FTF so I'm hoping the Kickstarter reissue will produce some local players later this year or next year?!?!

I am really enjoying some of the stuff I have managed to acquire over the last few years such as:

These have really helped me get back into playing rather than buying and storing in the cupboard

I also discovered on BGG

which is a cracking Dr Who solitare paragraph adventure game.

Family wise, I have a wife of 31 years (the marriage that is!!) and a grown up son and daughter, all of whom are kind enough to play games with me, so long as they don't need a lot of explaining

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