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When I was still in grade school, Friday's were game night for my family. The aroma of hot pop corn would fill the house and the Ps would have one of us pick a game. We mostly played Sorry, Uno, Rook, Monopoly, Pit, Flinch, and Simon(the electronic memory game). I started gaming different games then in "81-82 as 9th-10th grader.

My first foray into gaming beyond "roll and move" games or card games came when a neighbor friend introduced me to D&D. That sadly came to a grinding halt as the P's felt apprehensive of anything with "magic" (they were/are hard core religious fanatics)my friend Jay was obliged to introduce me to other various games. Jay had one of the early Apple computers, we would play war games on that machine which were similar to the squad based games Panzerblitz, Morsecode,Sl, then ASL which we also enjoyed immensely.

In 2006 after a 20 year hiatus (except for the beloved "1-high" Rook at family gatherings) I started dabbling back into the board gaming hobby again. I was taught and learned more Euro and card driven wargames (Powergrid, TS, Cuba, Tigris Euphrates) through a nearby store in Crystal Lake, IL (Viva La Game Escape!).

During the long hiatus I mostly played various online MMORPGs (Everquest, DAOC, Starwars, EQII and others) and other RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, and Diablo. Playing boardgames I prefer ftf matchups, 2 person gaming with some historical aspect. Luckily nearby there are a few gamers that enjoy knocking out a variety of games, cigars and beers. What could be better.

I am HUGE into reading (Patrick O Brian the best) and other best-selling fiction and also classics.

Movies are a passion.
If a movie got has a sort of magical moment, I will probably like it. Watching two movies in one night or watching 2-3 dvds back to back is sometimes a perfect evening.

Some of the best family memories I have center around family Rook (btw I recently noticed on a Vanity Fair magazine cover that Johnny Depp has a tattoo of the Rook bird on a late 2011 issue---COOL!!!) games and various vacations or fishing trips. Currently nothing beats watching my twins growing up and learning each day.

I anticipate the day my kids are ready to take me on in games and go head to head in friendly competiton. It will be awesome not too far in the future, to have game nights at our house.

I am happy playing many different kinds of games. As of 2015, Gaming pretty steady thanks to a friend in Crystal Lake. I have grown to love various Martin Wallace games the most and really want to get Tom Lehman's Outpost played. I would say that I enjoy reading rules as much as sometimes playing.

I love Twilight Struggle for its Cold War narrative, Rook for its lovely memory and strategy, Race for the Galaxy as it feels like a round of golf, Brass as it is still a game I can't quite own the rules on but I aspire to someday dominate it. In wargames I enjoy Combat Commander and Conflict of Heroes.

I enjoy ftf games in the NW burbs of Chicago. It would be fun trying vassal or some other online venues as winters are long here.



IF YOU ARE "BUDDIED" BY ME, AND DON'T KNOW WHY, AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TOO, SEND ME A GEEKMAIL-I WILL LET YOU KNOW One of my favorite features of this site is to be able to see your "buddies" recent activities and their contributions. I use this feature regularly. I find that daily I get a nice slice of the geek tailored specifically to my personal tastes. I also subscribe to geeks that are humorous-creative-or that offer great game insight.

For me the geek is great entertainment and my favorite place to surf the web and the buddy list is a great tool to cherry pick daily offerings I might otherwise miss.

Here are the categories I organize buddies with..

1. Company Rep
2. Culturally well-rounded
3. Euro Resource
4. Wargame Resource
5. Geek Resource
6. Roleplaying Resource
7. History Lover
8. Family minded
9. Local to Home
10. GOTW that was interesting
11. Obviously artistic
12. POB Fan
13. Pratchett Fan
14. UK Humor
15. Game Builder/designer
16. Store Owner
17. Vassal Player
18. Auction Winner/seller
19. Podcaster
20. 77's
21. Good contributions
22. Guildie
23. Rumpole Fan
24. Movie Lover
25. Rook Fan

On the "interests" page, in the movies section, if there is a title or name in all caps it is because it is a particular favorite of mine.

In the reading section, authors are in all caps, and some of their books follow. If there isn't a book by an author it is because I like their body of work in general.


LIFE IS SHORT! There will never be enough time to see all the places, read all the books, walk all the miles, play the different games that I hope to.

TRY AS MANY EXPERIENCES AS YOU CAN! Enjoy all sorts of cuisine! Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern are my favorite types. I also have an affection for simple Mexican dishes especially if they are spicy. Near Chicago there is a great foodie scene.

KEEP BALANCED! I am committed to health and a disciplined diet. This said, enjoy the butter now and then!!, a perfect Belgian waffle!, nice thick medium-rare Porterhouse(crispy sizzling outside-soft juicy inside), a single malt whiskey, a silky bourbon (Ezra B, Breckenridge) a full bodied cigar...

Stir the pot a little each day, and do not fall into ruts. Get rid of bad habits develop some good... Don't take your family, friends, days for granted.

Got Chocolate? I am there!

One of the funniest things I've read on the geek...

"If you have game condition OCD--this is not the auction for you. Assume everything was ON FIRE (it was not). Assume everything is covered in CAT HAIR (it is not). Assume the box is a knockoff Xerox mucilaged onto some construction paper (it is not.) I do have kids, we did play with the games. There are a couple of games, noted below, that are either New In Shrink or look amazing. Everything else was in a poop blender as far as you OCD folks are concerned." ROFL!!!
From this auction[thread=http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/146856?commentid=3236431#c...]Auction by Jeblucas Oct 2012[/thread]

When money isn't so hard to come by I crave to travel a lot more, spend time at some museums and libraries and visit various gaming guilds around the world. Gaming every day at some level would be great.




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