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Goran Trkanjac
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I spent 100 geekgold, and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I have been into gaming since 2010., when I met Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan. Since then my interests in board games has rapidly grown, and now I have so many games that I can't get to play them all, and I can't help to buy another one

Here in Croatia most people don't know much about board games, and usually first two games they can think of are Pachisi and Monopolly. And they think board games are for children only.
That's why few of us here have started a web portal (aka Gaming) and we have a mission to teach Croatian people that there are many games more worth playing than Monopolly.
After almost 2 years of fight with Croatian bureaucracy, which feared that board games are same as gambling , we managed to form association Igranje, and are trying to get some funds and premises from our city Zagreb.

Beside that, I am active in another association: DUH - Dječja Udruga Hrabrost (Translated: SPIRIT = Child association courage). See our super cool video here. We are working all year with children with disabilities, and gathering funds for our main pilgrimage: Easter trip to Lourdes, where we are part of a many HCPT groups there. So, Every week after Easter, you can find me in Lourdes

To be able to get money to buy boardgames, I am working as a blinds repairman here in Zagreb. I am actually an engineer of agriculture, but since there was no job in that department, I end up as a repairman. But I love my job. Check my webpage, which is under construction for a while, but when it's gonna be awsome when it's done.

Almost 4 months ago, I became a father of a beautiful girl. And enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait for her to grow up, so I can learn her to play board games. I started buying child games already..

Speaking of boardgames, I like playing Euro games best. The heavier, the better, but since I don't have a regular gaming group, I usually end up on playing much easier stuff, which is also ok. I also enjoy playing solo cooperative games very much.

That's about it for now.

Goran, October 2013.

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