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Stephen Sanders
United States
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DNA results: 50% West Europe; 19% Great Britain; 16% Ireland; 8% Scandinavian; 4% Iberian Peninsula; 2% Italy/Greece; 1% West Asia; -1% Middle East

Originally from California, born and raised in the Bay Area, graduating from California High School in San Ramon, CA. Immediately after graduation, I came to Texas to live with my dad and attended college at the University of Texas at Arlington, getting my BA in Russian and Eastern European Studies, graduating in 1984. I worked as a postal carrier in far north Dallas for ten years from 1985-1995. I then retired from the USPS, and the next ten years, I devoted to both preacher training school and then to full time ministry, back in California. The last eight of those ten years working with a church in Sonora, Ca, until 2005. I have lived the last ten years, back in Texas again. I am currently a licensed funeral director in Henderson, Texas.

I buy and trade for games on a frequent basis.

I enjoy playing games that mostly are highly ranked here on this site, so most of my collection is higher rated games. I also game with my adult and teenage sons. Such a change from my teenage years when wargaming took the bulk of my gaming time.

All plays recorded are face to face only (no online play). And, one day, I will see Him face to face.

My hot 10 to games I would like to acquire for my next trades or purchases.

The avatar reflects my interest in scientific evidence for creationism, and my personal observation of human footprints in a series of dinosaur tracks found and recorded in the Paluxy River during a drought season.

"For me games are simply a platform where I can have a good time with other people. I don’t want to have a good time with the screen of my PC. It’s the other people that make each board game experience fresh. It’s not about winning, I mean, I want to win but winning is not important. It’s about measuring your wits with other people, seeing how you come out, and seeing the reactions of the others. For this, I prefer my human counterpart sitting across the table then my PC." [Reiner Knizia, copied from user Larry Chong's profile]

A couple of recent pics of the gamer family:

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Registration Date: 2004-03-20
Last Profile Update: 2015-04-11
Last Login: 2015-04-25
Country: flag United States
State: Texas
Town/City: Henderson
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Top 10
#1: The Castles of Burgundy
#2: Amerigo
#3: Francis Drake
#4: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#5: Five Tribes
#6: Terra Mystica
#7: Ra
#8: Agricola
#9: Letters from Whitechapel
#10: The Battle of Five Armies
Hot 10
#1: Kemet: Ta-Seti
#2: 7 Wonders: Babel
#3: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#4: Caverna: The Cave Farmers
#5: Pandemic: On the Brink
#6: Nations
#7: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#8: Russian Railroads
#9: Troyes
#10: Coal Baron
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