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Giles Pritchard
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My name is Giles Pritchard, better known (though by fewer people) as Baron Gilos Pritchardus the VIII.

I spent the first 9 months of my life engaged in the most rigorous process of self-development and refinement I have ever been through, it was during this process of self-improvement I grew the fingers with which I am typing this.

Some years after all that I completed a Professional Writing Course and then, when I realized that most writers were very poor, I completed a teaching degree and now teach as well as write.

I am the greatest dancer known to humanity, although I can only perform when on my own and when no one is watching and/or recording me. Thus, despite my heavenly talent for dancing, I have achieved little recognition by it.

If you obssess about me and want to know all the things I didn't have for breakfast (notice how I mock the establishment), you can catch me on twitter here: http://twitter.com/caradocp

My Geek of the Week thread can be found here, for those curious...

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I am the host, alongside Donald Dennis, of the 'Games in Schools and Libraries' Podcast.

THE podcast about board, card and digital games, and the ways in which they can find a place in schools or at the local library. Hosting provided by the GamesforEducators website - http://www.inversegenius.com/gsl/

You can find our guild here.

Our RSS - if you want to subscribe via your favourite podcatcher.

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Here are the two other gaming Podcasts I was lucky enough to contribute to back in the day...

The Dice Tower: A popular podcast, run by Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer, on board and card games - I run a 'once every couple of episodes' segment called The Shed (every Aussie bloke wants a shed!).

Update: Haven't been on the show in a while due to many other things. The show has a great variety and quality of contributors and I am trying to spend less time talking about games and more time playing them! You might hear me every now and then though - it's a great show!

On Board Games: A Podcast, run by Donald Dennis, Erik Dewey and Scott Nicholson, for gamers on board and card games, usually revolving around 'the roundtable' - an in-depth discussion of an episodes theme.

James Smith and I also run an occasional alternate show on Fantasy books and games called On Board Games: Out of this World.

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Here is another website I have occasionally written for: Gamesforeducators... a great website for teachers, homeschoolers, librarians or parents. Check it out!

Here is an organisation I am involved with: Boardgames Australia...

Boardgames Australia award a Best Children's Game, Best International Game and Best Australian Game every year.

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Recently played games:

My favourite games as they stand at the moment:

Some of the games I am excited about at the moment:

Games being played by my class:

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Where are you from then?
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Last Profile Update: 2015-12-19
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Country: flag Australia
State: Victoria
Town/City: Shepparton
Website: http://castlebymoonlight.blogspot.com.au/
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#1: Dystopian Wars
#2: Dystopian Legions
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#6: Kingdom Builder
#7: The Rivals for Catan
#8: Neuroshima Hex!
#9: Fairy Tale
#10: Carrom
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#1: Dystopian Wars
#2: Dux Britanniarum
#3: Infinity
#4: Bios: Genesis
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#6: Neanderthal
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#8: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
#9: Tiny Epic Western
#10: Kings of War
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