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David Debien
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Round Rock
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Hello there internet traveller. Since you have come to my page, I will tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a forty something father of two. Long time RPGer come recent board gaming fanatic. I started back in the early 80's with Basic D&D then progressed to my RPG staples of today: Aftermath! and HârnMaster (2nd Edition). In my late teens I discovered Civilization as well as The Republic of Rome, but RPG's remained my primary gaming hobby until sometime around 2009 when my long time RPG group disintegrated. I had already become aware of Catan and that game had enjoyed regular rotation in my house for years. Upon my discovery of Puerto Rico and Caylus the Euro-gaming craze took hold.

Lately, RPG's have made something of a resurgence with D&D 5e. I am playing in one campaign and running another. Use of Dwarven forge tiles has made the experience quite immersive as seen here:

I can be found at Great Hall Games in Austin on Saturday afternoons where I like to find new to me games to try before buying. I can also be convinced to join in or teach a older, familiar game from time to time as well.

I also have a Tuesday night game at my house which usually draws 4 or 5 gamers.

I play games with my wife whenever she is willing. We play a lot of Dominion and The Castles of Burgundy.

I have written 12 reviews on BGG thus far. I typically review games that I find I have something new to say about or I find the reviews to be had for the game are over filled with praise and lacking balance. In all my reviews I prefer to discuss the pros and cons of the reviewed game regardless of whether I am a fan of the game, or not.

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As far as preferences, I like elegant, low luck games that play in 1-2 hours. I will try most games once and I find my tastes vary widely between Euros, Ameritrash and light Wargames. I do lean heavily towards Euros in my preferences and my favorite mechanics include Auctions, Engine Building, Route Building, and Technology Trees.

I have found my top 10 favorite games to be in a constant state of flux and it doesn't mean a whole lot from day to day. Instead, my Top 10 Games consists of the 10 most PLAYED games in my collection, since I started faithfully recording plays in late 2011.

My hot 10 is more frequently updated and represents my most played games over the previous 3 months.
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Top 10
#1: Dominion
#2: Brass
#3: Steel Driver
#4: Puerto Rico
#5: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#6: Macao
#7: Power Grid
#8: Graenaland
#9: Caylus
#10: Splendor
Hot 10
#1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#2: Codenames
#3: Dominion
#4: Red7
#5: Deep Sea Adventure
#6: Orléans
#7: Ponzi Scheme
#8: Splendor
#9: Finca
#10: Patchwork
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