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But we have to change the rules because Monopoly's so boring!
I started gaming back in the days of yore when the old King was Queen and money was made of wood. Or 1985 if you want me to be more specific.

Back then we would play A D&D and Bushido. I was 17.

My very first game ever, was a 2 player run through, with a kid of my own age I worked with. He DM'ed me solo through the "Caves of Chaos" and my party of 6 characters, was destroyed by him.

I very nearly never played again but my boss at the time,who also played and who was 10 years older than me, convinced me to play in his game.

He ran it much more effectively and I became hooked. I started reading all the fantasy books I could as well factual books about feudal Japan.

I stuck with role playing games for many years, occasionally we played Talisman on those nights people didn't show up to play the RPG. Whilst I enjoyed Talisman it seemed too luck driven to me and I prefered our RPG sessions over it any day.

Then back in Nov 93, we first encountered MTG, at GenCon Uk in Cambersands where we use to go and play in the D&D European Champinoships.

However at the time, the MTG seemed almost occultist (mainly because the guys from Wizards of the Coast were dressed up as monks in sinister robes) and I never really got involved, although I did get convinced to buy a couple of decks.

Anyway these decks sat unplayed, until a few years later, I had bought Baldurs Gate the computer game and this had a free walk through included with it of the MTG game, along with a starter deck of cards.

Me and a mate gave it a go and instantly became hooked once we understood the games. I introduced it to my RPG group not really expecting any of them to be interested but of course they all became hooked too. We eventually stopped playing D&D not because we didn't enjoy it anymore but that it was simpler and less work to play MTG. By this time people had begun to have kids and the DM's didn't have time like they once did to plan games. MTG filled the gap.

We played MTG for best part of 15 years 97- 2010 ish.

Eventually I tired of MTG, as the powercreep of the game, began to annoy me once too often and I looked for other games.

First I got deciphers LOTR TCG back in 2001 but no-one would play it with me, at the time. Then I got Call of Cthulhu CCG and again I couldn't get anyone to play it, since everyone had spent so much on MTG, they were unwilling to invest in another game.

Then back in 2007 we played Doom the Board Game and Tanshauser and I really enjoyed them, mainly because they were a change from MTG.

I tried to get this as a regular session once a month, with MTG 3 times a month however it proved difficult, as I hit the same inertia of lack of interest from my MTG buddies. even the once a month board game only lasted a short time.

Eventually I gave up trying to convert them and looked on the net for anyone near me, who would be interested in playing other non MTG games.

At the same time and being a huge Zombie Fan Boy, I bought "Zombies" (yeah I know!) then eventually I got Last Night on Earth, having stumbled across it on the net.

I eventually got some of my MTG mates to play it and whilst I didn't love the game, it was okay. Little did I know however, that one guy in the group went out and bought it too.

I might of got Ravenloft shortly after. then just as some guys got in touch with me through my web postings, my MTG mates decided they wanted to start playing too. This was probably down to one chap buying Puerto Rico having looked on BGG.

I'd seen these games before on BGG but the theme just stank, as far as I was concerned at the time. However once we had played our first Euro, that was it, we were all converts.

Since then, we all have become BGG junkies. I play 3 times a week. Sundays Mondays and Thursdays. Sundays tend to be Ameritrash games with Mondays and Thursdays Euro games or card games.

We have a Guild and there are probably 20 people who play each week spread over the 3 nights.

My favorite games at the moment are Agricola, Puerto Rico, Le Havre, LOTR LCG, Arkham Horror, Android, Castles of Burgundy, At the Gates of Loyang, Caverna, Shogun, Core Worlds, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Dominant Species and probably anything in my collection.

Games that have disappointed me in my collection are, Netrunner since I never got the theme and its only 2 players, so it never gets played that much and its too expensive for me to invest in another LCG, on top of the LOTR one.

Mansions of Madness, this had the potential to be great but wasn't balanced enough between the keeper and players.

Call of Cthulhu LCG, how can you have good guys and bad guys in the same deck? ( yes I know its in my favorite games too,I just think it could have been better thematically, if they had thought of the good guy, bad guy dilemma)

Anyway thats me.I love collecting and playing games. It doesn't bother me winning or losing, although I prefer to win obviously but I just love playing games. I have met some wonderful friends through playing games.

I think I overcompensate for this passion, with my other hobby, which is MMA.

I just wish the missus would play some too but hey ho that's women for you !

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