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Ingo Immer
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@Santa 2015. I did response you via GM. Please look into the Santa account and search for my user name.
Package arrived! Thank you Santa, you outdid yourself. Very gorgeous! Thanks alot.

@Auntie Olive, I did the same for you.
(I was sure that my lovely auntie came from the sky, so if I look up, which one do I see first?)


Santa 2013 forced me to write something about myself, cause he/she couldn't find anything about me. So here is some story about my gamer life.

I was always a gamer. At least my geekness started with computer games. I had a C128 and a Atari 1040St as kid and enjoyed many games mostly scifi a and fantasy roleplay games. I do not know much about the games we played as kids but there was many rounds of Ports of Call, Elite, Frontier: Elite II

While training my first occupation I had my first contact with a roleplaying game. I was invited to a DSA round and had the Chance to Play a nasty little dwarf. Later (1996) we founded a AD&D group which is still alive. With the roleplay games the love to dice, not any dice but special ones with symbols on it. I became a dicecollector; first only with dragondice and now with over 6000 symbol dice. I guess it was around 2000 when I first went to the holy halls of the Essen Spiel. Yes to find more dice and from the dice I got hooked on board gaming, it took some time still I became a real boardgamer, but now; look at my collection.

I'm not alone a have a beautiful wife and we live together in a quaint village. We managed to get our own house but still have no kids or pets.

Some of my gaming buddies (board game and roleplay) are also on BGG.
Matthias Casjens
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Eala Frya Fresena
Chalcography of the East Frisian coat of arms showing the signs of the families of the six most important east frisian chieftains.
Cathrin Tapken
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Gerrit Casjens
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Darien Cay
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They are part of a huge board game group and part of several roleplaying groups. Since we enjoyed out hobby that long time now, we became real friends. At the moment we have a Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) (4th Edition) round active with small adventures and changing DMs. I newly run a big group of Traveller (Mongoose) as DM. We all never played Traveller (Mongoose) but the sessions we already had we quite fun.

I'm still a computer gamer, but I hadn't the time the last years to play one game serious, but at the moment I'm playing Wasteland 2 and waiting for Torment: Tides of Numenera

I was not good at school, especially languages where not my Cup of tea, so be so kind and not prejudge me cause of my awful writing. Most of my English knowledge build upon computer games and BGG.

Thank YOU:

BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2015
Battle, Rattle, The Cure and Marcy

BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2014
Iceberg Hustle & Die Reise in den Norden
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2014
Hallen arkaner Macht & Deckplan 2
BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2013
The Mayan Calendar, Quarmageddon & Power Up
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2013
Perry Rhodan & Traveller 2x
BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2012
Ghost Stories & Small World Realms
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2012
Traveller 2 & 4
BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2011
Small World
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2011
Big Damn Heroes Handbook
BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2010
Magister Navis
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2010
BGG Secret Santa - Thanks 2009
Puerto Rico
RPG Secret Santa - Thanks 2009
Traveller Core Rules

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