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Dear Santa,

I have no problem with Thrifted games. I haven't had much time recently myself to go to the local thrift stores, but when I do have time I pick up games all the time. So, there is no problem there. Especially, if they can bring smiles to my kids faces. As for wrapping them, I know my son would love the idea of getting a gift as part of this, so if you want to go right ahead.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours,


Hello Santa,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! I believe I have been good this year. But to be honest, it's hard for me to tell. It's been an incredibly busy year. My son just started Kindergarten and I have twin daughters who are now 1 and a half years old. So, like I said it's been incredibly busy this past year.

As for my interests, I've got a wide interest in games. I'm willing to try any game at least once and have found very few that I just out right don't care for. I do have a group of friends I game with but we only are able to get together to game maybe once a month or two at the most. Currently, most of my gaming is done with my son. So, I'm always on the look out for games that will interest both of us. Some games that we both enjoy, Zombicide (he can play with very little help from me actually), Monster Factory, Boss Monster (this takes a lot more work from me, since I have to read all the cards to him), and Lego games.

This past GenCon I was able to take my son, Nolan, for the first time. And he had a blast. He's been talking about going back next year ever since.

Well, if you have any questions or comments, just let me know. Thanks, and again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Tim Williamson

My Top Ten, games I've played and love. Most I already own, but not all of them.

My Hot Ten, games I would love to own.

Ok, a little about me. I'm an Appliance Repair tech. by trade, but my hobbies include special effects make-up (which is what I went to college for), gaming (was that a surprise), and reading. I'm pretty much willing to try any board game/card game/or RPG at least once.

I am married to a wonderful woman(even if she isn't a gamer). We have a 6 year old son. In fact my Avatar picture is of my son. He is shaping up to be a true gamer/geek. The picture in my avatar, was him (completely on his own I might add) coming up to me and saying "I a Zombie, Daddy!" He is always asking to play my new games when I bring them home, which he helps me sort out (closely supervised by me of course). And if you show him a picture of the 10th Doctor, he knows without hesitation that he is "Doctor Who". For his third birthday party, he asked for it to be a Batman party. I ask, could a father be more proud? I like to think the answer to that is NO! My wife and I also have 18 month old twin girls. In other words its been a crazy and busy year and a half for me.
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