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If you have found your way here because I tipped you, it's probably because you made me laugh out loud or said something I found insightful. I usually tip a penny, if you want more maybe you could work on your delivery

Played a lot of D&D when I was younger, and way too much Game of Life, Monopoly and Risk, I grew up in a very small village and didn't have much access or knowledge about what else was around at that time.

Got back into games by way of Alhambra, Munchkin and some good NZ buddies.

I love games that make me laugh out loud and have heaps of interaction.
I dislike pure abstracts and tend to suck badly at them.
I like a bit (or even a lot) of random in my game and don't particularly care if I win or lose.
My taste is slowly developing towards heavier, less luck, games. Edit: aaand back again - it seems my boardgame taste is like the tide
But what never seems to change is the wonderfulenjoymentawesome of a relaxed game night with good people, a few beers and lots of laughs.

I think of a game collection like a music collection; there tends to be a certain type of music that is heavily represented but when the mood strikes you'll want to play something different.

My Avatar is currently The Great White Clown Fish. Very dangerous and rare. Not destined to end up on a dish.

I was born in the UK, lived in the Netherlands for 2 years, New Zealand for 6 years and am back in the Netherlands for the foreseeable.

The inspiration for my ratings came from the alternative rating geeklist/ forum which I would like to link to but can't currently find but the search function is laughable I'm too lazy to append a google search with bgg and wade through the results.
My subjectivity in game rating is pretty poor, I just don't think I'm a good enough gamer to really be able to do that but nevertheless I hack about with my guidelines from time to time in search of the PRGP (perfect rating guideline perfection) and find absolutely no irony in this endeavour whatsoever.

10: Outstanding game. Games don't get better than this, only different.
9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Makes me laugh or fascinates me.
8: Very good game. We likes this very much, yes we does.
7: Good game. A Solid Seven. It can shine brightly, maybe it needs the right company or maybe I need to be in the mood, or maybe the moon needs to be in the right phase, couldn't tell you.
6: OK game. Some fun or challenge. There is something about it that isn't really all that, but usually not enough to put me off playing it.
5: I'll usually only play it if there isn't a better option at the time.
4: Reserved for games I just don't like all that much. It may even be a good or even great game design but I, personally, find it dull. I may choose not to play it and go home early. *Gasp!*
3: Really not my kind of game. Will strongly resist playing and will frantically search for another option. Will play only under extreme duress, or drunk.
2: I refuse to play this. I'd prefer to spend the next 20 minutes discussing what we are going to play (and I hate doing that).
1: It's dead, Jim. Take its stuff. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun. Will often be seen using the excuse "I can't play this game, I get an allergic reaction to the type of cardboard it's printed on."

I play with Blue. I don't have to play with blue, but I'll forget I'm not blue and my brain will spend the evening devising strategies to help you win.

Thanks for stopping by, send me a geekmail if you want a chat or if you have a bright idea about anything under the sun. I like bright ideas as much as boardgames and I help people to see them become reality.


Dominic Crapuchettes TEDx talk.

also Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty cos they really went for it. Great presentation.

If I was rich enough for overtext rather than spending all my hard(?) earned gg on the awesomenes that is games for geek gold lottery
it would be this XKCD (1173) overtext:

A human is a system for converting dust billions of years ago into dust billions of years from now via a roundabout process which involves checking email a lot.

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