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I will hazard a guess at d-iced. It looks like an interesting game, but I can't get my head around the theme. What does it have to do with d-icing your car in the cold mornings?

Glad to hear your Russel is a good one and keeping you in check.

Thanks again for being the best Santa, it's been a great one this year. Let me know your address and I will get a card sent over. If you ever come over to the UK to see the south coast a game session will be organised.

Jack Russels then, had bad experiences with them as a kid. My next door neighbor had 2 and whenever the football went over the fence it was a special forces exercise to get it back with your legs in one piece.

But I am sure your one is not like that at all, gets on well with teh reindeer and keeps your feet warm.

Santa & Mrs Santa,

Parcel arrived, apparently the postman was excited about having a package from Slovakia. The stamps are really nice.

Package opened and the 2 older boys eyes lit up at the sweets. Especially as my eldest is recording some youtube videos of him eating different sweets from around the world.
Wife was amazed and amused at the snowman, hats, sweets and the overall effort that you have put into this, as am I.

Now, the package had a name and address on it but google isn't finding you or you have bribed Google to remove you from the results. Or, the results I have found don't seem to fit. The geek is throwing up a blank so suspect you are using an alias.

Back to the game, I was sure its a computer game. But dice are more tactile and why would you you use them in an computer game. So, maybe its more of a puzzle game. That would fit in with the overall puzzle nature of this years Santa.

So its back to thinking about the game, but now I have some good looking snacks to help me.

Haha, needing new eyes. Well there were 100 in there but can't say they have helped.
Whats bugging me now is I am sure I have seen a game with 8 dice in it but I cannot remember its name.
Time to unleash googlefoo.

Another package and one that had us confused. I thought my wife had ordered more craft supplies, she wondered why I had ordered Googly Eyes.

If you are who I think you are, your geeklist had me and the boys in fits.
Chris, is it you?

Honestly, 2 things. The first I am racking my brains over the last puzzle. I have even enlisted some gamer friends and we are all baffled. I am hoping the next puzzle will help.
Secondly, Star Wars Battlefront arrived and it's kept me and the boys busy over the weekend. The wife has moaned about things not getting done including homework but its hard to resist it.

Will make a concerted effort to have another go this week.

I am sure your busy at this time of the year. Keeping an eye on Miko must take up hours. I also suspect you have developed some Santa Spyware to keep track of everyone's electronic wish lists and posts.

The last puzzle is a tough one, possibly the hardest so far.

I have still been working on the anagram I failed on. I know its going to be a doh! moment when I get it. Can you tell me if the 2 letter word is of or or?

Hi Santa, popped into Gamesquest today and picked up my package. It wasn't wrapped but they wouldn't disclose your identity.
Thanks for the Machi expansion, my boys really enjoy the game and I have heard this expansion sorts out some balance problems from the last one.
Might have to unbox it tonight.

First parcel arrived today. Resisted opening it but its hard. I think I will have to get the wife to hide it.

Yorkshire is lovely, been there for work a couple of times and your right its a lovely place. But it doesn't have as much wow factor as when your visiting another country. The Tuscan hills beat it hands down. Plus the food in Italy trumps Yorkshires.

Hope you and the Mrs enjoyed Rome. I have visited lots of Italy but not the capital, not sure why but probably because we enjoy the countryside more than cities.

I will make sure anything that arrives goes under the tree once its out. Then its a matter of fending off the kids with stories about naughty boys and coal.

I will get the last one, I am sure its a game title.

As for your identity, trying to figure out a game with 8 dice that you don't roll. So thinking using it to track hit points or stats.


Logged in to post updated cipher 2 and you have mailed me. Only a couple of anagrams to go.
I am thinking that you are a UK based Santa due to the times you are posting. But the use of vacation is odd as UK would say holiday. So maybe you are a UK going on holiday to the states. BGGCON by any chance?

First annagram, missing line

I am your secret santa.

New anagrams.

Hello, secret santa here!
Have you been nice
Or have you been naughty?
Naughty boys get bad games,
Head fever or
Candy land.

Puzzle 2 (Cracked it, although 4th line from the bottom must be missing a letter)

Hello Rob. you did it!
Great Job! I hope you
had fun. I was just
informed that you are
not getting Pandemic:
Legacy. Our internal
rules say that Santa
should give you game
that can be played
multiple times with the
same joyful experience.

Cipher three done.
another one solved. you keep impressing me. if you have all of these riddles correct including the tough anagram from first message i will have one very special present for you I really hope you are going to like it

Hi Santa, nice to hear from you again and not the underling.

Still working on the forth anagram ( I am near ......)
Pandemic Legacy, don't own it and currently playing a buddies copy. Don't worry about it, I thought you could replay it but I think its a one off.

Don't worry too much about the must haves and love to haves. My wish list is more a list for me of games that look interesting. I always try to give it a spring clean for Christmas. A 3/4 would be more than welcome.
It's a bit odd, but my boys don't play many kids/party games. We are more than likely to play 7 Wonders or Flashpoint. I have taught them well.

Santa, back from gaming club night where I lost Imperial assault as the Empire by a smidge and a stupid decision. Damn those rebels. Thought my evening couldn't get any worse and the taunts continue.
No time for anagrams tonight so will give it a fresh pair of eyes tomorrow.


How am I going to get any work done now!

Let's start. This time, anagrams. Every dash is one letter. Ready?
hoe, tell her = hello there,
remaking alias. = I like anagrams. (I did, but probably wont in a few weeks time)
synthetic war? = can we try this?
stationary mace user = I am sure treats anoy (this is wrong, but sure the I am sure is correct)

Hey Santa,

I will play pretty much any game, although party,trivia and sports games are not really my thing. If there is anything you feel I should play that's not on my list feel free to surprise me. I hope there are some options on my wish list and I am not too difficult.

If you need a good UK seller then is great, I know the owners very well and they support our local group. You should be able to choose pickup as the delivery method and they will drop the games in if you wanted to save a few £. Otherwise are another good seller with good postage (free) rates.

Don't be afraid of some cheeky banter, happy to hear from you and any taunts you throw my way.


About Me.
I have been a gamer for a long time, starting with the usual family favorites and moving through Games Workshops catalog of games in the 80's. Magic and CCG's followed and then around 2006 I found the world of designer/euro boardgames. Not looked back since, although my wife sometimes wishes I would.

I am part of a growing local group that meets up a couple of times a week, along with weekly sessions with friends. Throw in gaming with my boys (12,11 & 2) and I am lucky to be able to play plenty of games with a variety of people.

Trivia and Party games are probably my least favorite, I like a solid euro that makes me thing. I am also a sucker for something that looks cool on the table.
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