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Well i'm tall, dark, handsome and enjoy long walks on the beach...oh wait wrong profile...most of those still apply, accept the tall, dark and handsome part...mmm...and that beach walking part too.

Seriously though i am a fan of gaming. Obviously i enjoy boardgames but also love videogames and i enjoy sports, but moreso playing than watching.

I stumbled into the hobby while attempting to get my computers to sync up warcraftII(which i had picked up at the $5 store). When i googled warcraft problems/issues i kept finding myself with results for the warcraft boardgame. Typically funagain's site. At the time i had no idea what these board/card/roleplaying games were all about, but i was interested.
Eventually i bought lost cities, and was a little dissapointed in the tacked on theme, but i did enjoy the game, however my gf(now wife) did not. A few months later i came accross settlers and carcasonne in a Christmas store. They were expensive, but after Christmas they went 50% off so i bought them both. Again we tried carcasonne and didnt really get it.
A few months later i read the rules for settlers and taught it to a few friends, and we loved it. We would get together once a month or so to just play settlers. I found myself back online to see what other games were out there, and discovered the geek, but more so learned how to use the geek...and the rest is history.

I've been to bgg.con 6x's now and have made a lot of bgg friends. I dont get to play near as much as i used to, or would like to. But boardgames are still one of my top hobbies.

i also enjoy traveling, i've been to at least a dozen countries and majority of the continents and few dozen cities. I've also taken up running and am planning to run my first half marathon next May. I think about gaming while i run ;-)

As for the games i like, i'm pretty open minded, but i tend to like heavier games and the mix of ameritrash and euro hybrids(ie, fantasy flight games). I tend to not like multiplayer solitare style games such as princes of florence, but i do like Race for the Galaxy so there is no exact formula for what i'll like or not. I guess i like good games.

If anyone lives in the greater bergen county, nj area an wants to get together...give me a hollar.

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