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William Lindsey
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Hello! I am a math professor at Indiana University in Kokomo. I got my PhD from Purdue in pure mathematics, where I studied Partial Differential Equations. I also play guitar and quite a few strategy video games, like Crusader Kings 2 and Civilization V.

I am mostly a lurker here, though I do post occasionally.

My first real exposure to board games beyond the normals like Boggle and Monopoly was when I was introduced to Go about 10 years ago. I was immediately intrigued by the depth and simplicity of the game. I don't get to play as often as I'd like, but I might start picking it up again soon.

I got introduced to Euro games when my girlfriend (now my wife) Melissa and I hung out with some of our friends. They brought out Catan and I was immediately hooked. Shortly after that, we got our own copy, and it was soon followed by Carcassonne and Thurn and Taxis. Our interests started out being a bit different, but as time has gone by, they have begun to merge. With my Go background, I tend to prefer analytical games. She prefers shorter "fun" games like Dominion and Can't Stop. However, she enjoys Power Grid (with Power Grid: The Robots to make it an interesting 2 player game), and I am really enjoying fast dice games like To Court the King.

We mostly play two player games as it's hard to find both people and time for larger games. We miss our grad school friends, and toddlers make everything harder to schedule.

My ten most recently played games:
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