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Mike Norris
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...and J-Pop too!!!!
Raina rocks!!!!!

So I have been on this site for a while, and have yet to say anything.

Well, now...times have changed.

First off: thank you to Raina of After School for letting me use a pic of you as my avatar without your permission. (She is really a freaking amazing singer.)


About me:

I love board games. I really do. If I didn't then I probably wouldn't be here. So basically I really haven't said anything new about myself. Lets move on...

I am a completionist, and love to get EVERY expansion for a game. Check my game list. Apart from non-official releases, there is only like 1 game that isn't complete: HeroQuest. Two reasons to that:

1) The two quest packs I don't have are ridiculously overpriced.
2) I've modded the rules to where I might have to un-mod and re-mod. No thank you!

08/07/13 Edit: I am a recovering Kickstarter addict because of the above. No longer will I be an offical completionist. I have accepted the fact that I can not have every promo and expansion bonus for every game I own, and I am ok with that.

04/30/15 Edit: The above is BS. Who am I kidding? I didn't recover at all...

Oh yea..I like to play by the book but experiment with rules.

I love ice cream. I am trying to learn Japanese but I am not doing too good. Zannen desu! Right now, I am teaching my freinds in Japan english by email and is a blast.

I talk about myself a lot, and over use "I". So that will be changed by me from now on.

What else? Hmmm...K-Pop, K-Rock, J-Pop, and J-Rock are all loved by me. Talk to me about them please!

Ok enough of "me". Back to "I"....

Not sure if I really said much about me, but I typed a lot. That must be good for something. So if you want to take a chance and be a geekbuddy, then I am down.

And in the end, geekbuddy or not, I still love cookies.

Here are some avatars that all of you are welcome to use. Join the cult, give in and be a part of the Raina & Friends Squad:






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