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Erik Tietz
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It all began on my 12th birthday. My grandparents took me to Toys R Us and let me pick out a toy. As I wandered up and down the aisles, I saw something that changed my life forever. I saw a massive box filled with plastic weapons of war and was hooked. Over the next 6 or so years, there was always a game of Axis and Allies spread across my basement floor.

College and girls pulled me away from gaming for a while, but in my early 20s I started visiting a friend's house while a group of people were gaming. The addiction was back and it hasn't gone away.

Over the years, my friends and I getting married and my friends having kids has cut short many of the gaming opportunities that I have. My "I spend more time on BGG than I do playing games" micro-badge sums it best.


If I've recently made a trade or purchased games, I'll tend to not be as interested in trading since I don't want a closet of games I haven't played yet

I make a strong effort to be accurate and up to date with the want list ratings. Something I rate 1 or 2, I'll always be up for talking about a trade. 3 or 4 means that if I haven't acquired anything recently, I would be very interested. If I have it rated as a 5, I have small interest but I won't make a trade with that game being the cornerstone of the trade.

I love trading with people in the Twin Cities area; not paying for shipping is great. If I do have to ship, I will only trade multiple games. It bugs me to pay $15 and ship out a game just to get a $30 game in return. More games raises the shipping a little but can really lower the shipping cost per game.
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Registration Date: 2005-12-19
Last Profile Update: 2009-11-12
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Country: flag United States
State: Minnesota
Town/City: Bloomington
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#10: Kingsburg
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