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Dear Elf squad!

I received a letter from Customs that they have something for me from BGG STORE and since I haven't ordered anything, it must be the Other Package you talked about.

I had some problems in the beginning with customs, but I pleaded on the fact that it's a gift, even if it's sent by a US company (BGG) and now they finally gave in. Probably because the sum was not that large, although it was enough to cross 20 euros - the custom-free limit.

Anyways, really big thanks once more. I'm overwhelmed by your generosity!
And now I can play one of my favorite games with full expansions - Alien Frontiers! Wheee!

All is good. Made it to Lorien almost on the last minute in the evening!
Thank you so much, the best elf squad!
Here's my post

Message received, I will not buy this record - it is scratched! I mean, will not open before christmas.
PS I hope the squad will get healthy doses of sauerkraut and christmas roast to start feeling better. I feel really guilty, sorry!

1. I play with my girlfriend and/or with my boardgaming friends, no kids. My partner doesn't like wargames, but almost anything else is fine.

2. I read mostly in English to enjoy the original language to the fullest, but also in Estonian.

What good taste you have, dear elves! Banks is really something!

I've read Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Use of Weapons, Excession and The Business. I haven't yet gotten around to, but in my bookshelf I have also Look to Windward, The Algebraist, Against a Dark Background, Matter, Surface Detail and The Hydrogen Sonata waiting to be read. In fact I thank you dear elves that you have reminded me about those great reads!

But which of them I like the most? I love the Culture grandeur, especially in The Player of Games, but also others are not far behind. Consider Phlebas got me really interested and Use of Weapons was also fantastic. And Excession was again a whole other level of coolness. I'm confused.

3. I'm a beginner-level wine lover.

4. Tricky. Even though both can be great experiences, then knife in the back is a bit more fun, if people don't take it too seriously of course. "Boy, you should have seen the look on your face."

5. Games definitely need to breathe, so unwrap asap. And hopefully also play asap, but it might be difficult when everyone's busy preparing for the holidays and events before that.

6. Although again, there are the bad and the good in every genre, I'm a bit inclined to order these genres as: SF > Science > History > Horror

Thank you for the kind words and I wish you more time to do the things you love!

Howdy SSanta and the great elf-squad!
I, of sound mind and body, hereby humbly and gladly accept this very difficult (and a bit scary) task of assisting you with the holiday spirit and gifty business!

Hi my dear Secret Santa,

I love BGG Secret Santa, it's my fifth time. I always try to go all in with my targets. For me it's about giving and sharing happiness.

I don't play all that often these days, mainly because I have a lot of hobbies (reading, music, movies) and I want to be active with all - maybe not the best idea.

I was more active couple of years back. But when I play, I try to make most of it when meeting up with good old boardgamebuddies. Usually in organized boardgame camps (we have here in Estonia the Brain Games winter/summer camp and wargames camps almost quarterly).

I believe boardgaming to be a social pastime so I'm not a big fan of 2 player games which unfortunately probably rules out a lot of wargames for me, but fortunately there are some multiplayer ones out there.

On the other hand I don't really enjoy "social" games like the Ultimate Werewolf too much, because that doesn't really seem like a game to me - the game should have rules and clear moves you can make, but werewolf is basically like a pub night out, everyone just blabbering about whatever.

But on the other hand I believe in trying anything out at least once, so I'm a big fan of collecting unique games into my playing history. I like diversity, so that's also a big reason I don't care too much about LCG-s. They're all about this one and only game. And also more about deckbuilding than actually playing the game.

I believe when you get the game, it should all be there. Or it might have couple of expansions, but not infinite number of them like in the CCG/LCG/Miniature games world. That's not a game anymore, that's more of a business project to lure out more money from the fanbase - not cool.

So strategy, adventure, storytelling and even an occasional abstract game would be more up my alley. But there are some exceptions occasionally, of course.

Also I'm a big fan of SF, Fantasy, History and Science if that might help you out with the gift. Also the gift doesn't necessarily be something from the wishlist if it corresponds to the prevous description. As I said, I'm all for trying out new things.

Have a merry boardmas!
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