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M. B. Downey
United States
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My family grew up on every kind of game you ever heard of: board, role playing, card, video, or otherwise.

Nice to be on a site that has a lot to offer. I've met several awesome folks from the site and now game regularly with some of them.

I am very active on the RPGGeek side of the house. I ran a Mutants & Masterminds (3rd Edition) game in my homebrew setting of Mason City for over a year. The setting is rather expansive, with lots of history and well over a hundred different NPCs, and 21 people other than myself contributing to its history. I even wrote a novel for it for mb

Mutants and Masterminds/DC Adventures - Any Interest?
Mason City Character Creation
Mason City: The Actualizers - Out Of Character
Mason City: The Actualizers, Issues 1 and 2
Mason City: The Actualizers - Issue 3
Mason City: The Actualizers - Issue 4

It was my first step into the PBF community, and I loved every minute of it! A huge revelation for me, that RPGs could actually be played and be played well online.

I also ran two tables of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying for the RPG Geek Play by Forum Initative - 2013 Edition.

Newbie PBF Table A - OOC
Newbie PBF Table A - IC
Newbie PBF Table B - OOC
Newbie PBF Table B - IC

I've been taking a break from running PBF games as I was in grad school and have a regular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game I am running for my normal board game group (game site and wiki are online), but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things eventually. And now that eventually might be more of a soon, since school is over. Perhaps doing a PBF using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying set in Mason City. I think I'll practice with PBV for Virtuacon first.

I have also played or am currently playing the following:

Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition):

The Great Depression - Chapter 1 OOC and CharGen Thread
The Great Depression - Chapter 1 IC Thread

Amber Diceless Role-Playing (my favorite RPG of all time):

Relative Pressure Character Generation and OOC
Relative Pressure IC
Relative Pressure - Location: Castle Amber
Relative Pressure - Location: Chaos
Relative Pressure Wiki

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (as a replacement player):

[OOC] The Counter-turning of the Wheel OOC/Character Generation Thread
[IC] The Counter-Turning of the Wheel, Chapter 1: Chance Meetings
[IC] The Counter-Turning of the Wheel, Chapter 2: Strange Bedfellows

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Operation Enduring Fury [Anti-registration - Issue #3b]


Sam's Lament
The Dungeon Delve (PbF thread)
Look! Up in the Sky! - A Fiasco PbF

And playtesting Time Heroes, the excellent game by
Andrew Goenner
United States
St. Cloud
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Yup, changed the Avatar for self-promotion.
Go vote in the 24-Hour RPG Design Contest!
that has since morphed to using Fate and has been successfully Kickstarted!

[Time Heroes] OOC/Character Generation Thread
[Time Heroes] "Why Knot?" playtesting IC thread

I am active in the Battlestar Galactica PBF Community. I've played in these games:

BSG 125: Boomers house of disco
BSG 141 - Lolcats! - He who LOL's last LOL's best.
BSG 156A - Full Colors Restart
BSG 208 - Five String Bass - 2001
RS 232: The BSG PBF Serial Continues!

BSG V15 - Cylon Night
BSG V24 - Cylon Hunger Games
V54 - Are the humans out of gas?

And ran this one:

BSG 137 - Battlestar Sinfonia

I run PBEM games of an excellent Diplomacy variant called 1900, by Baron Powell. It extends the map into the rest of the Mediterranean, allows travel around the horn of Africa, and generally improves balance and communication among all the great powers. It is very excellent, and if you're interested in playing or watching the games, shoot me a geekmail!

Or you could just go here.
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