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Dan Edelen
United States
Mount Orab
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Jonathan Pryce as Sam Lowry in Terry Gilliam's Brazil

As for me:


Husband & father

Freelance dilemma solver

Organic fruit farm owner

(Cerulean Sanctum @ http://ceruleansanctum.com)

Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiver (Myers-Briggs ENFP)




Renaissance man

Novelist & short story author

Wheaton College, B.A., Christian Education, 1992

Overall weisenheimer cool

I'm definitely a social gamer. Engaging people matters to me, and for that reason I enjoy most party games. My idea of fun is a half dozen to a dozen friends playing a game together and laughing our heads off.

Having grown up up in a gameplaying household with two younger brothers, I have a fondness for the games of my youth ('60s-'70s), many of which have since become classics. I wish I knew what happened to our Dark Tower!

In my later teen years (early '80s), I played D&D (1e & 2e) and Gamma World (1e). Created a lot of my own scenarios, as I enjoyed GM'ing more than running a PC. Some bad experiences with RPG groups in college soured me on gaming in general, and I fell out of the hobby.

After rediscovering board games through Apples to Apples and Ticket to Ride, I'm back and more intrigued than ever. Among friends, I've gained a reputation as "the game guy," and I wear that designation with honor.

Because I'm something of a deal-monger ("Don't pay a penny more than you have to"), I've fallen in with the crowd of thrifters here at BGG. Sadly, while the Greater Cincinnati area has many thrift stores, this is not Seattle, and its rare to find any thrifted games of value. I tend to thrift only games I'll play, so I'm not buying much. I live in a rural area about 50 miles outside the city, so the garage sale pickings are even worse, as farmers don't tend to buy Hansa Teutonica or Cosmic Encounter.

Today, I enjoy not only games that require a lot of relational back and forth but also the pure strategy of most abstracts. I hope to collect the entire GIPF series some day.

My BrainHex.com game player analysis:

My BrainHex Class is Mastermind.

My BrainHex Sub-Class is Mastermind-Socializer.

I like solving puzzles and devising strategies as well as hanging around with people I trust and helping people.

According to my results, there are few play experiences that I strongly dislike.

My scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Mastermind: 18
Socializer: 17
Achiever: 12
Conqueror: 11
Seeker: 10
Daredevil: 8
Survivor: 4

Recently played games (in order):

Most wanted games (no order):

My Top 10 Games (from 1 to 10):

Nationality of recent visitors to this profile:

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Town/City: Mount Orab
Website: http://ceruleansanctum.com
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#1: Concordia
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#9: Seasons
#10: Hanabi
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#1: Codenames
#2: Five Tribes
#3: Mysterium
#4: Between Two Cities
#5: Mission: Red Planet
#6: Hanabi
#7: Lords of Waterdeep
#8: Concordia
#9: Francis Drake
#10: Spyfall
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