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See my profile to find out what technology has already been fed and added to K-9.
Hard drive is spinning up... WEEEEEEEEEE!

You must be really bored if you have landed here and you are reading this. Well, since you're here, feed my avatar a technology snack. K-9 is always hungry for new gizmos. Just send me a geekmail and let me know what you want to give K-9, and I'll be sure to add it to his past "tech ingested" collection.

mb CMG2 gave K-9 an iPod Touch on 1/4/13, and K-9 can now download iOS games when bored.
mb KillerTaco gave K-9 an Flux Capacitor on 1/12/13, although K-9 still thinks a Tardis is cooler than a DeLorean.
mb OutOfHabit gave K-9 an Laser Pointer on 3/3/13, then spent the following two weeks chasing the dot around the floor.
Mad Scientist gave K-9 a bucket full of 1GB Flash Drives on 3/19/15. K-9 found the techno-dog treats quite tasty.

Still bored? Check out the microbadges that I created.

Before K-9 my avatar from 2011-2012 was Fizzgig from the film The Dark Crystal. During that time other BGG users were invited to "Feed Fizzgig Food" as stated on my then UberBadge. Below is the list of different foodstuffs given to Fizzgig over those two years.

mb Solamar gave Fizzgig a cookie on 11/21/11.
mb Superkoko gave Fizzgig a hamburger on 12/18/11.
Narl gave Fizzgig some bitterballen on 12/29/11.
mb Solamar gave Fizzgig another cookie on 1/26/12.
mb ASFalcon13 gave Fizzgig some thin-crust pizza on 2/15/12.
mb stargate attempted to give Fizzgig some dubious quality ale on 2/17/12, but Fizzgig spat it back out. Even Fizzgig has standards.
mb stargate gave Fizzgig some fine wine on 2/18/12.
mb Alan Hume gave Fizzgig some pepperoni pizza on 2/20/12.
mb Alan Hume gave Fizzgig some Centurion's Ghost ale on 2/20/12.
mb Orangemoose gave Fizzgig a vegetarian breakfast burrito on 2/24/12.
mb Andy gave Fizzgig some Westmalle Trapist beer on 3/25/12.
mb Tazwell001 gave Fizzgig some potato cakes on 5/5/12.
mb tawnos76 gave Fizzgig a donut on 5/11/12.
mb Sparkles gave Fizzgig a Red Bull on 6/9/12, which caused Fizzgig to momentarily breach the light barrier in a running frenzy.
mb mbgalarneau gave Fizzgig some Maine saltwater taffy on 7/2/12.
mb goosarino gave Fizzgig some haggis on 7/3/12.
mb MIB 8686 gave Fizzgig a White Castle Belly Bomber on 7/4/12.
mb 1nf1n1ty gave Fizzgig a Barkeep's Experiment on 7/25/12, which caused Fizzgig to temporarily polymorph into a dragon.
mb Tazwell001 gave Fizzgig some bacon ice cream on 8/14/12.
mb Solamar gave Fizzgig some dried fruit and mixed nuts on 8/16/12.
mb Military Muskrat gave Fizzgig some french fries on 11/2/12.
mb chang1701 gave Fizzgig some Yerba Mate tea on 12/25/12.
mb CMG2 gave Fizzgig a cheese runza sandwich on 12/27/12.
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Registration Date: 2011-01-07
Last Profile Update: 2015-04-07
Last Login: 2015-10-04
Country: flag United States
State: Michigan
Town/City: Westland
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