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It was my life, like all lives, mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me. How wild it was to let it be.

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me. (Updated 12/4/2014)

So here's what I look like.

Mt. Rainier 2014

My new avatar is the Grand Galactic Inquisitor from The Venture Brothers TV show. This show has become a favorite of mine, I've watched all episodes multiple times, and the Grand Galactic Inquisitor is a favorite character with his catchphrase, "Ignore me!!!" I can’t recommend the show enough (and the first season is on Netflix).

My Geekbadge currently says HEAVY LIFTING which is the name of my YouTube channel (Heavy Lifting by Myself).

My old avatar was Fone Bone from the graphic novel, "Bone", by Jeff Smith. I chose Fone Bone as my avatar b/c he's short, has a big nose, and is an unlikely hero... just like me.

By the way:  I play with blue!

I'm proud of my contributions to the site, as meager as they may be compared to others.

Gaming Videos
Heavy Lifting by Myself

Game Comments
I like to comment on and rate games, and I keep my comments up to date – and in depth -- so as to be a worthy geekbuddy. I'm especially proud of my comments library and have over 600 comments at the time of updating this profile. I’m always flattered to see whose geekbud list I am on and always on the look for new geekbuds (hint: I like detailed game comments more than similar tastes).

My Blog
I dabble in a blog and am especially proud of this one: Getting to Know You ... Cthulhu.

Occasionally I make a geeklist that gets attention. I have a goal to create one that gets over 200 thumbs one day. So far, this is my most popular: What makes a good BGG profile?

I'm a true omnigamer who likes everything from AT to euros to bluffing to wargames, though my tastes are decidedly on the heavier side of gaming. I just love a heavy, 2-3 hour game. Also, I'm currently beginning an exploration of solitaire games. I game as much for the social interaction as for the strategy and value competitive sportsmanship as well as silliness.

My Conventions
I’m a regular at the WBC (Lancaster, PA) and Euro Quest (Baltimore, MD), but I’ve been known to poke my head into Conn Con, the Dice Tower Con, and BGG Con. If you'd like to meet up, don't hesitate to contact me!

I'm lucky enough to have a few groups in my area, but I host my own weekly one, and I couldn't feel more fortunate for the great group of people and gamers we have.

My condo on Double Dune Day 2014.

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1966 and have absolutely loved boardgaming as long as I can remember. My favorites as a kid were Careers, Pay Day, The Inventors, Monopoly, Pit, and others. When I was 13, I saw Panzer Leader in the toy store in the mall. I can still see my hand reaching up to pull it down from the shelf. I was captivated with this “adult” game which looked so complex. I asked for it for my birthday and received Stratego by mistake instead. By Christmastime, I made sure my mother knew which game to get me.

PL was the first of many, many Avalon Hill games. I became an AH junkie and often daydreamed about visiting this mythical game factory in nearby Baltimore. Of particular note were Third Reich and Diplomacy. I would read the rulebooks in study hall, in my free time, and in the bathtub. I also went through a huge Statis Pro Football and Baseball phase and even competed in a PBM league for a few years. I also played many a game of Talisman and other Games Workshop games (back when they actually made boardgames; remember those?) in the mid 1980s.

I got into Advanced Squad Leader but played 95% of my games solitaire. I came so close to buying Ambush! so many times and I wish I had as I would’ve gotten more enjoyment out if than slogging through the ASL rulebook by myself. By the early 1990s, I was burned out by having no one to play wargames with and by the lack of quality of the GW games, i.e., a lot of them just sucked. I dropped gaming altogether in 1994. How ironic that several months later Settlers would be published and a new era would begin that I wouldn’t catch up to for many years?

In late 2007, my depression got the better of me and I made some major lifestyle changes and got myself into therapy. In the void of hitting my own personal reset button, I remembered that I always liked gaming. I popped into the nearby comic shop on a whim and saw Settlers of Catan and asked the clerk about it. He raved about it so I bought it. Turned out my neighbor of the past few years was into gaming and longed to get back into Axis & Allies. We laughed at knowing each other for years but never having mentioned gaming to one another. We played the hell out of Settlers and Axis & Allies before I got to the point where I was wondering “what else is out there in the gaming world after all these years?”

In early 2008, I went back to the comic shop and saw Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery on the shelf for $60. I decided I needed a review before I purchased it, so I searched and found BGG. This led to my first bulk purchase that included Last Night on Earth and Struggle of Empires. The rest, as they say, is history and can be found under the Contributions tab.

Just goes to show if you hang around here long enough and make friends, anyone can get tapped: Geek of the Week #424 - Kurt R (enzo622)

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