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Have you ever ask yourself, what is a geek? ...a boardgamegeek?

Maybe here one of the possible answers, maybe somebody with a gaming room like that:

...or a collection of more than 1000 games, over 10,000 tabletop figures, many, many RPG's and still owning all the video games consoles of the nineties on 36 sqm?

Including two handfull boardgames which are not listed inside geek up till now!
(But will be added on BGG if I find some time to translate...)

If your answer is yes, I really love to be geek.

(You're right buddie, my friends love it too...)

...more about me?

Time will come, but first I have to playing some more games with my friends and buddies but you could have a look on my own week in the spotlight of our community: Geek of the Week #238
Thank you very much for that honor, this was a big surprise, thanks. (And yes, I would appreciate your thumbs too.)

As well I wearing with proud my membership microbadge of a community of noble men's, inside our community:
"The League of Extraordinary Heroscapers"
please you're welcome to visit us in our Lounge, here's the way to the entrance:

If you want to support the interest of our community, may have a look here and participate if you like:

The flagcounter, installed late, unfortunately after my nomination for GotW: 2010, April 2nd, so there will be some visitors missing, but I'm still "count" on you, in future...

My Avatar is an image from "Evil Dead - The Musical".
"Evil Dead 3", is one of the finest and killingly funny fantasy movie available, with actor Bruce Campbell.

You'll know him not only from the Evil Dead Series, he is one of the prefered actors from Sam Raimi and you have seen him in all three "Spiderman" Movies and a lot of TV Series like, "The Replacements", "Burn Notice", "Jack of All Trades", "Charmed", "The x files", "Timecop" or in "Hercules" and "Xena" which he is playing character "Autolycus" - King of Thieves in many Episodes and in many, many more.
He featured his own TV series "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." TV Series from 1993-94 (27 Episodes).

Have a look on "Bubba Ho-tep" and of course on "Evil Dead - Army of Darkness" if you like fun movies with cult-factor!
"Hail to the King, Baby"

Now the 2-Disc Limited Collector's Edition of "My Name Is Bruce" (including Comic book) is on my shelf and is waiting for watching...

My first geekbadge, date march 2009:
(In Houston Oilers colors.)

My second geek badge, 2009 to honor Steve "Air" McNair:
(Of course in Houston Oilers colors too.)

To Honor Steve McNair, please follow this link, Thank you.

BoardGameGeek » Forums » Everything Else » Chit Chat
Subject: Footbowl Star Quarterback Steve "Air" McNair is Dead

please go to NFL.com for more details, or for a short remembering from Jeff Fisher, his coach for the first eleven years in the NFL:

Thousands turnout for McNair's funeral in Mississippi:

Thank you at all.

My third geek badge, 2010 to honor Chris Johnson, best running back in the NFL, only the sixth player in NFL history to reach the 2,000-yard milestone a season:

NFL season opener Thursday, 10th of September 2009:
Tennessee at Pittsburgh,
the best team from last year Tenn 13:3 against the Superbowl winner Pitt (best team too???). Last year week 16, Tenn has beaten Pitt to get homefield advantage!
uuh..., what a season! After loosing the first six, we changed, sorry "Vince changed" it all. 8:8 after that start is not what we expected before the season, but good enough for the NFL record books. And we have seen our Quarterback of the future.
...so in autum I'll wear my next geekbadge: "Vince Young"
(Sure in Houston Oilers colours.)

One year later, the new seasons beginns Sunday, 12th of September 2010: Oakland at Tennessee.
Okay, 2006 rushing yards, I decided to honour #28 Chris Johnson for the first half of the season with my new geekbadge. Hopefully VY will earn his own geekbadge till the second half.
Go Titans!

...hmm, a disappointing season at all. But something was shown clear, we have to go with winners like Vince Young, CJ, Britt and hopefully Moss into next season and not with a looser with a "god complex" like Fisher. His EGO is bigger than his efforts for the team. Lost all my respect, like most of the team did.

...next step Coach Jeff "Average" Fisher convinced the owner to trade/sell our QB... a bad day for Tennessee.
...the best day following only short, the owner decided to part away from loosing coach JF. "Make my Day, Punk."

...again a good day, Kerry C. is retiring short before the new season 2011/12, thanks. Now the management should following. !!!

I had to change my last geek badge from Tennessee Titans color blue/white/red
to new Eagles color green/silver/white, seems Vince is in luck and goes from a looser team direct to the next superbowl winner: Philadelphia Eagles. This team will go for 13:3 the coming season and reach the superbowl. Good luck Vince, as back-up for Vick you'll get your change to win again soon in this league.

I'll be a Titan forever but as long we continue with that loser management (call them "Fisher" old friends) we'll never win the great game. Did you read that Bud, you'll die without any title...
Can't await the new season.

Damn, another lousy season, another lost year... 2011, Britt was out, CK2K was struggling without support from the O-line and ...of course a good QB! Going with Hasselback gives a team a 50%-winning, but this could not be the target...!? What will happen next year? The same? Will we allways have lousy trainers which are happy with 8:8 seasons... When will this stop? Ever?
...resume 2011: 9:7 for Tennessee, snd Vince is gone forever... also as an eagles... Have to change my geek badge soon...

Man I'm getting tired and thinking a NFL-season pass will be no option anymore... Paying for, to see your team loosing... Man I'm a stupid guy!

New Start: 2012-13 Locker will start, hmmm, hope CJ2K is back as CJ2K13! But see to much inconsistancy. Please: WIN
It started as expected..., bad with some highlights. Week6 2:4!

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