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My Boardgame Ranking System

10 - I always want to play this game.
9 - I can and often will want to play this game.
8 - While I don't obsess over it, I do enjoy this game and won't turn it down.
7 - I can probably be talked into playing this game.
6 - It'll take a little coaxing, but I might play this game.
5 - Only with family or through serious cajoling will I ever play this game. My ironic games fall under this category.
4 - I will not play this game for anything.
3 - I might think less of you for offering to play this game.
2 - I often consider burning copies of this game.
1 - This is bar none the worst game I have ever played and even thinking about it makes me angry. I seriously consider it to be a tragedy of chipboard and think that the designer should be found, slapped, and stripped of the ability to ever design a game again.

Since I've taken an interest in board game design I've been doing a lot of reading and research on certain companies, mainly those I've long been a fan of, and how successful they've been, what they've done with themselves since their inception, their ups and their downs, etc. I've found the majority of the stories to be not just fascinating, but often downright heartbreaking, such as that of TSR and Chaosium, the two inventors of modern roleplaying (in my mind).

I am a huge RPG nerd, by the way!

Reading the forums, I've noticed a trend towards repetitive themes especially zombies, fantasy, and war and I was more interested in what games haven't been done yet and why haven't they been done. My first game concept was a social zombie party game which uses the surroundings and actual traits of the people involved as elements of the game However, the over-saturation of the zombie theme immediately led me to abadon the concept although I still have the basic mechanics on the backburner. From there I started working on my restuarant game and have been doing that since.

I also have an interest in collectable card gaming (I played a lot of MTG back in high school) and an interest in mutable dungeon plunging gaming, two markets that I understand have also been played to death but was hoping to try and find a place within those arenas.

As far as me having a business approach to all of this, I do hope to start my own business within the next couple years (either through my own means or through SBA loans) and I'm interested in how the industry works and what modern trends are. Through the research I've done personally, I've seen that it's TOUGH to make anything in this field. That's fine since my biggest motivator is to just make something that's fun. But I do believe that the gaming industry stands above some other markets with potential for profitability. In addition to being a gamer, I'm a huge fan of comic books and that industry is on total and complete lockdown by the distributors (curse you, Diamond!!!) and major publishing companies. I also love film and that's another one that isn't kind to those just starting out.

Of course, much like any of the arts, the hardest part is writing that first novel/painting that first picture/writing that first album/gluing together those first pieces of chipboard.
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Top 10
#1: Dominant Species
#2: Blood Bowl (Third Edition)
#3: Agricola
#4: Combat Commander: Europe
#5: The Resistance
#6: Eclipse
#7: Carcassonne
#8: Stone Age
#9: Macao
#10: Age of Industry
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#1: Henceforth
#2: Dominant Species
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