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Pers. Records:

Why have I started keeping these records? This has become, unintentionally, quite an investment. I like to use what I own, otherwise it is just baggage. So I need to know, and so I keep track, just how many, how often, how do I like, etc. These records also tell me when & which games I need to remove from my collection. Unfortunately I have come to regret some of these sales.

Number of Different games played in a year:
2007: 243
2008: 159
2009: 258
2010: 421 (played 33% of my games owned in 2010)
2011: 423 (3104 Total Plays for 2011)

Highest Number of Different games played in a 30 day period (Starting 2007):
111 different games played, beginning 5-6-11 & ending 6-5-11.

Highest Number of Different games played in a day :
Haven't really been keeping track of this. Just happened to notice that on 5/06/2011, played 25 Different ones in a day. (Recovering from surgery--kindly soles indulgent)

Most games played in one month during each year (Starting 2007):
3/2007 (207)
12/2008 (215)
3/2009 (355)
3/2010 (425) I was bedridden with pneumonia. People indulged me, plus about 100 were computer plays which I otherwise rarely do.
1/2011 (267)

Games Played (Starting 2006):
as of 04-29-2012, cataloged as owning 1491 games & expansions.
1025 total games in my current collection have been played. (Many of the un-played, are expansions & promos)
50 of these games played only prior to 2006, not after;
975 have been recorded as played since 2006;
Of those 975, 394 games played 5+ times each;
Of those 394, 210 games played 10+ times each;
of those 210 games, 89 played 25+ times each;
of those 89, 39 played 50+ times each;
27 played 75+ times each;
21 played 100+
13 played 150+
12 played 200+
7 played 300+
3 played 1300+
2 played 1,900+ (10 Days in Asia & still on our 1st box.)
1 played 2,900+ (on our 9th box of Lost Cities-with over 7,000 actual plays)

End of an Era: 1/14/2012: I think I am going to fall over and feint...My husband, with whom I have logged over 7,000 plays of Lost Cities, but besides that will play only 10 Days in Asia, and Crokinole, announced he will replace Lost Cities with DOMINION! How did this miracle happen? Our daughter was visiting and wanted to play Dominion and her father did not want to be left out! He slogged through 3 games whining, cursing, and complaining...so knock me over and revive me 3 days later when he announced he liked it. I guess recording daily plays after all these years, will now come to an end.

Most Played Games (Starting 2006):
Lost Cities 2961 (4,112 plays recorded on paper--before I started recording plays on BGG.)
10 Days in Asia 1933
Crokinole 1335
Race for Galaxy 332
Wizard 320
Puerto Rico 311 (plays only with exp.)
San Juan 301
Hearts 249
10 Day in Africa 233
Puerto Rico 232 (Plays without exp.-- Plus played with exp is 540.)
Dominion 220
Big Boggle 176
Tumblin-Dice 141
Medici 139
Settler's Catan 109
Zooloretto 108
Liar's Dice 104
Ricochet Robots 102

Prior to 2004 (the year I discovered Euro's) would have been Hearts, followed by Wizard, then Skipbo, Five Crowns. I had abandoned Monopoly, Clue & Risk by this point. In 2006 discovered BGG and started making entries.

Likes & Dislikes:
Game I would like to be playing the most of: Resident Evil, Billabong, Factory Fun

Love card games: Wizard, Dominion, Hearts, Race for the Galaxy, SkipBo, Bridgette, San Juan, 7 Wonders, Resident Evil, Oh Hell,

Appreciate greatly games with simple rules, fast play, strategy, beautiful graphics, interesting components, quality, uniqueness; games that set up differently each time; games that are puzzles (Ricochet Robots, Factory Fun, etc), co-op's, and "screw you" games.

Generally detest trivia games, games of luck, dice games, bluffing games, rummy games, although exceptions to each of these. Ambivalent about many word games and story games.

I would be hard pressed to reduce my list of favorite games to a 100.

Playing Environment:
We have a really nice, growing gaming group and usually get together once on a weekend; I play at a local game store on Tuesday nights. I am an official demonstrator for Z-Man games and demo 2 nights a month. I Daily play light games with my husband who gripes about it, but bless his heart, continues to play. There are only 3 games he will play--hence, over 1,600 plays of 10 Days in Asia, over 1000 plays of Crokinole, and over 4,000 games of Lost Cities (have a paper score record of, but only part of these plays recorded on BGG).

A Little Game History:
I feel I don't actually "collect" games. I buy them to play, and accidentally have ended up with a collection. I have none of the games I purchased before the 70's, and only a small number of those purchased during the 70's & 80's because they were either played to death (literally) or weren't played and I disposed of them. I didn't become a fervent board gamer until I discovered Euro's about 2004, and most of the games I am keeping have been purchased since then.

Gaming Habits:
I open each game, count components & put them in labeled bags to make it easier for my gaming friends to help put the game away. I group & label my game shelves according to the number of players (as the picture shows), which makes it easier for our gaming group to pick out games, or to find what they want to play. I keep children's games, party games, & 2-player games in separate locations.

I feel my Best Contributions to BGG are in photography (a sampling)...

Also, some Gaming Improvements...

Recently Played:

Top 10 (Based on my rating plus my desire to play, NOT the most played):

Hot 10 (Games most played in the last 30 days):

Family: Updated 5/1/2013
I am a wife of 44 years, and proud mother of 4 girls and 1 boy, & soon to be 5 grandchildren. I am introducing my family in order of their age:

My husband Edward is a retired Emergency Room Physician with a great sense of humor, who graduated from the University of Kansas and started a practice in Sandpoint, Idaho, in 1972, and then in 1982 moved us to Boise, Idaho. He retired March, 2013, and we moved to Mesa, Arizona. He is now pursuing his hobby of astronomy.

My oldest daughter Bree has a PhD in mathematics with a specialty in fluid dynamics and spent two years teaching at Tulane University, and doing research on the West Nile Virus. She is married to Graham who has a PhD in Neuroscience, and great hair!, and seems to have extensive knowledge about everything. They both now work at the University of Montana in Bozeman.

Next is Danica who lives in New York City, has a Masters in literacy & landed a job as a Literacy Specialist and is a Regional Supervisor of the Literacy & Reading program at the New York City Library. Her husband Thomas has a PhD in performance trumpet, and has produced several Jazz CD's. (thomasheflin.com) He is currently Program Manager at the Manhattan School of Music Pre-college Division.

Alyssa's degree is from the University of Michigan in computers and film, was a Team Manager for a major consulting firm for software development at large corporations,but recently quit to help her husband Brian in his burgeoning business. Brian received the prestigious award for Arizona's Residential Real Estate Agent for 2012. Their first is due November.

Kirsten, my youngest daughter, graduated from Boise State University in Culinary Arts and is a manager at a local restaurant. Her husband Nick also graduated from BSU with a degree in computer web mastering, and currently works as a network troubleshooter at a large corporation. They have given us our second grandchild, Elijah, and another is due in October. They are the only ones to remain in Boise, Idaho.

My youngest, Son Barron (born 1985), at 26 graduated with honors as a Warrant Officer for the Special Forces. He was awarded a Bronze Star on the field at 23, is familiar to fluent in 8 languages, and is working on a degree in Colorado Springs, as is his gorgeous and friendly wife & excellent mother, Jessica. They gave us our first grandchild, Luke, and our 3rd, Jacob.

As for myself, I modeled for a few years for a coat & suit line then became a self-taught, certified histologist & neuroanatomy technician, followed by medical office manager, then full time mother. I am proud of my family who are all well-adjusted, and contributors, and leading honored lives; and they are all kind and generous people with a strong sense of loyalty.

I am the only hard core gamer in the group. Yet, I like to believe that early and frequent game playing (and daily book reading) contributed strongly to our children's development and achievements.
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#7: The Hanging Gardens
#8: Lords of Waterdeep
#9: Torres
#10: 51st State
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#1: Race for the Galaxy
#2: Dominion
#3: Lords of Waterdeep
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