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Martin (Hairy) Hatfield
United Kingdom
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Santa! Thank you sooooo much! Such great choices, and generous beyond words, I'm about to update my What Santa Bought geeklist entry

Oooh Santa, hello again!
If I see the elves, I'll be sure to send them on their way back, maybe they're off delivering to Canada, I had someone to buy for up there. Well, obviously Santa did, not me. That is, you Santa. Only, it kinda wasn't, cos it was me. Err...

Anyways! Yes, another round? Like in the pub? I love a good pint. Be great to share a drink with you Santa - thank-you for your generosity - and you're being so abundant in your giving and generosity with the mention of an expansion before I've even opened what you have sent already, too too kind.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol? No, I don;t believe I have seen that, though I know the Dickens story well, a great tale of doing as you would be done by and looking out for those most in need. Whatever we do for the least of people...
And Impossible Creatures, no, not one I've ever played, although, it does look fun. My favourite computer games were usually western RPG's - I spent a lot of time in Faerun, as a Mage, seeking fame in Baldur's Gate and environs. And a portion of my life was soaked up in the MMO Guild Wars, some pretty crazy (impossible?) creatures in there! I have not the time alas to dare to get involved in it's sequel.
Oh I know why you mentioned those, you're dropping hints aren't you! Well I guess you must have got me Monopoly: Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary! Now I don't hate Monopoly as much as others, so I guess that's surprise number 1 right, right? wow
And Crazy Creatures for the other? right? RIGHT?

So if most of your experience is in the US, where is your other expereince from? Oh, and maybe I should wish you Happy Thanksgiving?

My training continues until June 2015. But even while I am training I am Assistant Minister at a (british) Baptist Church, and then after I graduate, as long as it's still part of what God has in store for me, I will be called to a church (could be this one, could be a different one) and undergo ordination and can assume title of Rev.! It's a fab privilege to study at all, but to study God, is pretty awesome. (And I know some ministers with worse people skills than some engineers!)
Thanks again, a very excited

Santa, thanks for your messages!
Very excited to hear of the impending delivery, I'll update when I receive it, and post a link to my geeklist entry.
My kids finish school on the 20th Dec, so I will aim to open the presents then; my work won't finish until after church on Christmas Day, so it would be agony to wait that long - (although I finish college on the 13th).
Many thanks for your generosity, Santa.

Hey Santa! So excited to get your message!
To answer your question, I have lately been buying games that are going to get more plays at home, and selling the games that have not been as popular at home. This has been good for me and the family, both because I get more plays out of what I own and also because I have limited storage space. (My wife is holding me to a 1 in 1 out policy - I'm hoping she will waive this for Christmas!)
So I was going to say, please, games for family would be lovely. And then I thought, "No! Santa said he himself would prefer to give (and receive) the other game. I could be kind to Santa by accepting that, what an opportunity!"
So now I'm confused.

I think Santa, I have to be true to my family, and continue with the game acquisition philosophy that has brought me most happiness lately; please, if I've been good enough, may I have the games for the family?


Info for 2013 Secret Santa

Who I Play With
I play games predominantly with my young family of 3 boys aged 10, 6 and 6 at Nov 2013. These are usually fairly easy games, current favourites are Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, UNO, Augustus, Monza].
I get to scratch my 'serious' gamers itch at Epsom Games Club, but I only get to go about once a month due to other commitments. Favourite games I ave played there (but do not own) include Belfort and El Grande.
As my wife now pretty much flatly refuses to play games with me alone (she will join in with a game with the kids), I like to play solitaire games. I do own and play Arkham Horror solitaire, but I would love a solitaire game I can get done in an hour or so.
My wife's siblings and Dad enjoy the occasional game too, we can be a big family group when we're all together, so family friendly party games like Jungle Speed have worked well. My brother-in-law is a game geek too, veering towards the miniatures/heavily thematic stuff.

Dodgy themes
I'm training to be a Baptist Minister, so I tend to think a little warily of the games I play. If something has an espescially demonic or supernatural theme, I tend to stay clear of it. I have played (and enjoyed) Chaos in the Old World, and I also enjoy Arkham Horror, but I'm not fond of zombies in general. Dungeon crawlers are usually (just about) all right. I have no interest in reenactment of modern (eg 20th century) wars, but sometimes think I might be interested in things like Here I Stand, and I've enjoyed games with historical war themes like God's Playground and Washington's War.

Broad Game types
I probably sway a little more towards Euros than Ameritrash, I love miniatures (though see reservations on supernatural above) but would never ever have the time or energy to paint them. I have no problem with pre-painted minis! I love sci-fi and fantasy, and anything with an unusual theme gets me interested.

Game devices
I love a good rondel. And I like dice too. I'm not massively keen on auction games/mechanics (though I enjoyed Keyflower when I played it). Luck is fine, strategy is good too, but I don't like really pure abstract things unless there's something innovative about them. Pasted on themes usually suit me fine though (I do't dislike Feld), as long as the mechanic is interesting (I don't like Domaine).

Local and online stores
I'm in the UK and most of my online shopping is done at Eurotrash games, owned and operated by
Chris Allan
United Kingdom
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, who I regularly game with at Epsom Games Club. His prices are the cheapest I know, and delivery charges can be avoided as I always pick stuff up from him at the club. His selection is limited, but it may be worth contacting him to see if he can do anything to help.
The widest available selection in the UK at good prices is probably at Board Game Guru.
Shire Games is another UK online store which has some good interaction/freebies with the BGG Secret Santa, and free shipping over £50 (not that I'd expect Santa to ever spend that much!).
My LGS is Gamers Guild, Redhill and I could easily pick up from there to avoid delivery charges, but their selection is usually limited although they always say they can get anything from the main Uk game supplier Esdevium if you ask. They also rarely deviate from charging the RRP.
If I'm going to support a bricks and mortar store though I LOVE Rules of Play in Cardiff. They are TOO FAR for me to pick up from though, I travel to Cardiff about once a year and they are the friendliest gaming shop I know, and the best stocked. I have gone out of my way to buy from them at rrp with delivery because I love them so much.

I love surprises!
Think you know me better than I know myself? Looked down my list of wishes, preferences (above) and collection and know something that will fit? Go for it! I will happily receive ANYTHING, and give it a go. In many ways I'd rather receive a personal gift I'd not even thought of than something on my wishlist. Go on, surprise me! (Maybe even just a little bit?)


A More Historical Biography
When I was a kid, my favourite board games were Buccaneer and The Great Dragon Hunt.

When my wife and I married in 2001 we went through a brief spate of playing games. Although Cribbage was a long time favourite, we also enjoyed Carcassonne: The Castle and Kahuna. Unfortunately, my wife has never really got into any of these games, and certainly once children came along, there seemed to be less opportunities to play.

Fortunately, things are beginning to change again...
The eldest has, since 2011 been old enough to enjoy Kahuna, Stratego, Buccaneer, Heroica: Draida, and more, and our middle child (born 2007) is loving Hey, That's My Fish!.

I'm just trying to get everyone to play Ticket to Ride: Europe, but the one game that seems to keep everyone interested at the moment is Forbidden Island.

I'm pleased to be an infrequent attendee at Epsom Games Club, where I've got to play some cool stuff lately that wouldn't ever happen at home, like Belfort and Attila.

But a lot of my play happens at http://yucata.de - my profile is here, I love Saint Petersburg, Finca, Maori and more, so feel free to challenge me to a game of those (something else if you fancy!)
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