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James Fehr
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Hi there! Follow my gaming exploits on Twitter (fehrmeister)
Hi Secret Santa,

I just received the package you sent, and I am so thrilled! I added an entry to the big geeklist:

Merry Christmas and thanks so much again!


Hi Secret Santa,

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to let you know that I got your message, and I've updated my wishlist.

Thanks in advance! I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.


I'm a forty-year-old with a growing family of beginning and future boardgamers. For the last 20 years I've worked as a software developer / analyst in or near the city of Edmonton, Alberta.

I am now a serious fan of Euro-boardgaming although I didn't know these great games existed until late 2004. I'm slowly building my collection and have found to be an invaluable resource in finding the games I'll enjoy. I grew up playing a lot of the standard fare, but always felt that there must be better games out there somewhere. This new chapter of my gaming life started when I gave a copy of Settlers to my brother (Timothius) for Christmas '04 after hearing it recommended. I got my own copy soon after, along with Carcassonne, found BoardGameGeek and know the drill.

I have updated my personal game comments for the good games I've played to include various attributes I like to identify and rate. This geeklist explains this further:

I enjoy listening to various boardgaming podcasts. It started with boardgamespeak, but now I'm a regular listener of the following podcasts:
- The Dice Tower
- Garrett's Games and Geekiness (more people need to check this one out)
- Point 2 Point
- The Metagamers (wish it was still active)
- Boardgames to Go
- Boardgame Babylon
- The Spiel
- Ludology
- How to Play

While I enjoy almost all Euro-games, I favor the heavier ones. I really enjoy Caylus and Age of Steam, but I get a kick out of Nobody But Us Chickens and Blokus too. Twilight Struggle has recently become an intriguing game for me, and I'm finding myself investigating the wargaming side of the hobby more now too.

I've tracked all my face-to-face games played since the end of 2004, when I first discovered Euro-games.

Here are the last 10 games I've played:
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Registration Date: 2005-02-07
Last Profile Update: 2014-12-08
Last Login: 2015-04-27
Country: flag Canada
State: Alberta
Town/City: Edmonton
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Top 10
#1: Tigris & Euphrates
#2: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#3: Hansa Teutonica
#4: Trajan
#5: Caylus
#6: Puerto Rico
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: Dominion
#9: Le Havre
#10: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
Hot 10
#1: Panamax
#2: Roll for the Galaxy
#3: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#4: Asante
#5: Pandemic: The Cure
#6: Lewis & Clark
#7: Bruges
#8: Keyflower
#9: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#10: Primordial Soup
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