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Okay, this is my 2013 profile update, as of October 4th. I hope to have covered some major plots here, but you are free to ask me anything you want to know regarding me (you know I've being using this opening line for a while, right?).

I could define myself as a non-traditional geek. Okay, I'm not a slim guy, I use glasses, I was a boy scout and regional juvenile chess champion for a few years...

Fine, everything seems a bit "traditional"... Why the "non-"? I'd say it's a friend's fault: he always says something doesn't fit very well... it must be my prior martial arts training, but who knows?

At least the "non-traditional" seems cool.

I'm a RPG and novel writer. One of my RPGs is today on the hands of a very talented company who will take care of it from now on. I'll contribute only as a "creative assistant" or something like that.

At least this allows me to focus on my novels. More fantasy writings on the shelves are a must, right?

Nowadays I'm writing another novel. It's in Portuguese, but soon you'll be able to read one of my works in English, as a translation is almost ready.

About my gaming preferences, I love racing games. Simply love. I also enjoy exploration, fantasy (blame my RPG habits) and city-building games, but not as much as I like the sound of the engines (or cards, or dices, depending on the game). But that doesn't mean I don't like other games, as I believe the philosopher Huizinga is right: in the end, we are all Homo ludens.

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