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I didn't play much with boardgames in my childhood. I owned some games like Gazdálkodj Okosan! (Monopoly of Socialism) Malom, Ki nevet a végén?. But they were only toys in my eyes, nothing else...


In my High school years I often played Risk in the dormitory with my roommates and I enjoyed it a lot, but I never felt that I want to own such a thing.


In 2005 one of my friends, who liked to play board games with her friends & co., told me a lot about these games. So I decided to play board games. I borrowed a box of Catan, read its rules, but nobody wanted to play with me, so I gave it back...

I sterted playing boardgames actually in 2007. I spent the whole summer of 2007 at home by my parents, and one of my good friends there (rudkov) and I decided to play some board games we own. It was the first time I played Monopoly and other games which are not even mentioned in the BGG database, because they don't deserve it . I loved Monopoly so much that I wanted to have a copy. It was beautiful so and I bought one.

In the Autumn of 2007 I met Karacsonyfa who lived in the same dormitory as me, and who loved board games. He owned a copy of Risk: Lord of the Rings. We talked a lot about games and I decided to buy a copy of Star Wars Risk. But I needed more information about it, so I browsed on the Web to find more descreptions about this game, and I found a weird site, called: BoardGameGeek.com. Thanks the BGG I could purchase a copy of Star Wars Risk. And it was such a hit.

Spring of 2009: Karacsonyfa came back from Germany and he took a box of Agricola with himself. This inducated a new wave of gaming and I bought Arkham Horror as my next step. The games we played in 2009 were Alhambra, Agricola and Arkham Horror. Then in 2010 I bought Dominion, and 2010 became the year of Dominion. Everybody loved it, so I purchased Intrigue and Seaside too. We played it a whole year long. It was a big hit!

2010 - 2011

The really big change came in November 2010. I had to move to Budapest for 3 months because of my work. One corner away from my flat, just in the neighberhood was one of the known Hungarian board game shops: Szellemlovas. I spent a lot of time there talking about games, opening boxes. I borrowed several games there to try them, and of course I bought some of them too. In Budapest I became a BGG daily user.

After I moved back to Pécs in February 2011 thanks BGG I found a board game club here in the city. A small but a very famaliar community, with a lot of committed gamers. So every Tuesday is Night of Gaming! In 2011 I got my first Patron Badge! I bought nearly 15 board games that year.

2012 - 2013

In 2012 my geekness got much deeper. In Feburary I sterted to write for a Hungarian BGG blog called "BGG Watcher". In June the chief editor of LFG.hu (a well known Hungarian rpg/fantasy/sci-fi/consol/board game site) who read my posts earlier, asked me to write for LFG. So I became the editor of the board game section on LFG.hu.

In 2012 I also "discovered" crowd funding and since then I backed 8 projects on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo. I also participated first time in the BGG's Secret Santa event, which was a really exciting and nice occasion. But 2012's most exciting event was my first Essen trip, and it will be followed with an Essen tirp this year!

P.S.: Up to this very day I have not played Catan!

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