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Ron Pfeiffer
United States
Surfside Beach
South Carolina
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A long time game collector beginning with SPI and Avalon Hill Wargames and 3m and Avalon Hill Leizure Time games. Actually I have also been a Baseball card collector for what seems like forever. I am fortunate to have had both a wife, in-laws and two brother-in-laws who loved to play table games. For years just about every Saturday night was game night. My father-in-law and one of my brother-in-laws are no longer with us. I miss my father-in-law Lou's grumpy manner and his very good game playing ability and I miss my brother-in-law Pete's positive attitude and wry sense of humor. We still play but it's just not the same. We lost mother-in-law Loretta in (2010). She was clear minded and a pretty good game player right up until the end. We actually played Dominoes the day before she passed. Now we are down to 3 players. I am looking for others in the area to play on Saturday evenings. We have found players at our Winter home in Surfside Beach, SC. 3 players to add to Barb and I so we have a nice group for game nights once again! Very sad news. My wife Barbara died on March 14, 2015 the after effects of a surgery that happened 10 years ago. She was operated on in 2005 for a cancer called Cholangial Carcinoma (Liver - though she never drank in her life). They told us then that they could not say how long she would survive and that her survival possibilities were about 5 percent. She fooled the experts by living 10 years, living well, playing golf and traveling. Well we spent the Winter here in Myrtle Beach and from the beginning of our stay in October she slurred words, had a hard time being understood and eventually she wound up unconscious. There was nothing I could do except care for her as she slowly, but inevitably faded away. I will miss her forever!

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Registration Date: 2002-07-13
Last Profile Update: 2015-04-04
Last Login: 2015-09-02
Country: flag United States
State: South Carolina
Town/City: Surfside Beach
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