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Gerald McDaniel
United States
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"One Key to Happiness - Games"

A three-generation gamer.

Username tells it all -- a grandpa who loves games. My game group consists of 5 adults (wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, and me) and 2 grandchildren (ages 20 and 18). I'm always looking for good games for 5-6 players (my granddaughter plays only a few select games with us, but my grandson is a major game enthusiast).

Because my granddaughter rarely plays a game with us, we usually play 6-player games. We prefer all to play together whenever possible.

We enjoy:
- Eurogame mechanics; multiple ways to win
- Card, board, and dice games
- Game time: 120 minutes or less; reasonably-short set-up and put-away
- Reasonably-easy-to-learn rules
- Themed games

We are not so much into:
- Trivia, dexterity, RPG, CCG, miniatures, word, educational, memory, musical, or general-knowledge games
- Games with violence, drugs, religious, drinking, political, sexual, or moralistic themes
- Long (more than 2 hours) and/or very complex games
- Player elimination; wargames
- Roll-and-move or primarily random games (exception: we do enjoy push-your-luck dice and card games)

Although I own and have enjoyed playing games that fit many of the latter descriptions, they are not games we regularly play as a family.

Profile Last Updated: December 2015

As of April 2014, I'm excited to have my first game added to the BGG database and to be added as a game designer -- Shifty Partners.

A short description of my gaming background up to the time I found BGG can be seen here.

My historical (2005) BGG kudos GeekList is here.

Some of the things I enjoy about the hobby of games are described in this GeekList.

For Secret Santa (every year) -- I would be happy to have a used copy of any game on my wish list. If you purchase a game from http://www.timewellspentgames.com online, and tell them to contact me, I can pick up the order, saving you all shipping costs.

To my Secret Santa 2009: You are amazing! Thanks so much for my three gifts, all from the top of my wish list. See this entry for more info.

To my anonymous Secret Santa of 2009: Received your message. Would love to know your identity. We still really enjoy playing the games you gave me -- Seafarers of Catan (and the 5/6 player expansion); and Bakong. Great choices and very generous. I am amazed to hear from you five years later. Merry Christmas to you in 2014!

To my Secret Santa 2010: Thanks for the alert. I will be looking forward to hearing from Time Well Spent. It's about a 45-minute drive from my house, but I enjoy talking with owner Dave Jones about games while I'm there. I'll post about the gift when I receive it. -- Update November 30: Call this evening from Dave tells me my gift is ready to pick up. I'll do that sometime before the weekend. Can't wait! Update December 1: I love your gift; you couldn't have done better! See this entry for more info.

To my Secret Santa 2011: Ho, Ho, Ho! To my replacement Secret Santa! You did more than I would have hoped to receive from a regular Secret Santa. I am blown away! See: this entry for more info. Thanks for your excellent generosity!

To my Secret Santa 2012: Terrific! Your choices from my wish list were excellent. I expect to enjoy many great hours of gaming with these three games. Your anonymous communications were much fun to read, and I appreciated your keeping me up to date on the gift exchange. You were an outstanding Secret Santa! For more info, see: this entry.

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#5: Hearts
#6: Hacienda
#7: Ave Caesar
#8: Nottingham
#9: Trekking the National Parks
#10: Medici
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