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Gene Baker
United States
Ocean Springs
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Games with dragons, spaceships, and bears aren’t wargames. Call them conquest games or strategy games or crap but they aren’t wargames.
My main gaming interest is wargames, racing games, auction games and theme heavy games. Despite enjoying wargames I also like silly fun games such as Cash and Guns, Bang!, and Munchkins. Games that I don’t care for are trading games such as Settlers of Catan and Bohnanza; pasted on theme abstract games like Yspahan; and most deduction games aren’t something I’d want to play. I consider wargaming to only include conflict simulation of historical events or near future historical events (10+ years in the future maximum). I don’t consider anything related to sci fi or fantasy to be wargames, they are conquest games and I’d enjoy playing them if my group was interested.

My Top 10 games are the games I’ve rated the highest and the Hot 10 are the games I’ve been playing the most recently and enjoyed.

Currently I’m part of the Gulf Coast Gamers. We meet once a month at MacNarbs Gaming Store store in the Gautier, MS. Just about everything gets played there including rpg’s, D&D mini’s, munchkins, wargames (board and miniatures) and euro’s. I suspect if MacNarbs is open you’ll find gamers gaming. If you come on the 2nd Saturday of the month ask for Bill Majure or myself esp. if you’re interested in boardgames, miniatures or wargames. Search for Gulf Coast Gamers on facebook for more info.

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Registration Date: 2007-05-20
Last Profile Update: 2014-09-15
Last Login: 2016-02-03
Country: flag United States
State: Mississippi
Town/City: Ocean Springs
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Board Game Ratings 75
Average Rating 6.04
10 2   (2.7%)
9 5   (6.7%)
8 12   (16.0%)
7 12   (16.0%)
6 17   (22.7%)
5 9   (12.0%)
4 11   (14.7%)
3 4   (5.3%)
2 2   (2.7%)
1 1   (1.3%)
Top 10
#1: Hammer of the Scots
#2: Friedrich
#3: Pacific Typhoon
#4: Snow Tails
#5: Ra
#6: Galaxy Trucker
#7: FAB: The Bulge
#8: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#9: Mississippi Queen
#10: The Napoleonic Wars (Second Edition)
Hot 10
#1: Acquire
#2: Friedrich
#3: Pacific Typhoon
#4: 7 Wonders
#5: Ra
#6: Hammer of the Scots
#7: Formula D
#8: Twilight Struggle
#9: Ticket to Ride
#10: The Napoleonic Wars
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