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My wife and I first discovered gaming after we had our kids. Three kids, far from all family means no babysitters, and few opportunities to go out. We got tired of watching TV, and after a google search to see what games were out there other than Risk, Monopoly and Sorry, we stumbled on the geek, and thus began our long journey into board game insanity!

The first step was the Catan Card game. We loved the game, art, the variety of cards, the deep gameplay, the idea of BUILDING something with resources, and the mechanics (a rotating card to keep track of resources as you gather and spend them. What an awesome idea!) It was unlike anything we had ever seen or played and grabbed our attention completely. Next we found Carcassonne, and quickly discovered the fun of that game. I remember being so fascinated with the fact that this was a game with NO BOARD, but a board you BUILD! Amazing!

From these gateway games, we quickly moved on to more and more and more and more.....

We have since spent many hours of true quality time together and even raised our kids to be gamers, and think it has done them a world of good. It has helped them learn how to win, and how to lose, as well as math and logic skills, reading practice, and the ability to sit and focus for more than 10 minutes. It gives us family time that we may not have had before, and we enjoy the interaction and time spent together NOT in front of a TV or computer. My wife and I have met so many nice people through the geek, we now are part a small, thriving group of gamers we get together with on a fairly regular basis. What could be better? Good people, good games, good times!

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