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I'm a husband, father of 5 and a youth pastor - and yes, in that order of priority. My gaming experience extends back as far as I can remember (Chutes & Ladders), but has grown, morphed and thankfully matured (mostly) through the years.

As a kid, I enjoyed games of The Inventors and Land Baron with my Dad and playing Life with my sister. My family always had a closet full of games and I was always wanting to learn how to play a new one (usually one that was too old for me, but I loved the challenge).

As a teenager, I got into Axis & Allies pretty heavily and described it as "Risk on steroids" to all who asked. I supplied the games for my friends every few weeks and we rotated through most of the Gamemaster series with an occasional foray into A Line in the Sand or some other monstrosity of a game. I remember spending days playing these games by myself in order to develop my "perfect strategy" only to be foiled by my complete ineptitude at dice-rolling. Dice seem to only favor me when playing something as benign as Risk (which I don't play...at least not any more).

As an adult, my taste in games has been impacted greatly by my wife, my kids and my regular game group. The wifey LOVES co-ops (Flash Point is her favorite, most things LOTR (LOTR: FOTR Deck-Building Game is a hit with her), and simple set collection (stuff like Archaeology: The Card Game). As my kids continue to grow (oldest one is 10 now), I enjoy introducing them to a world beyond Candyland: Gulo Gulo, Wits & Wagers Family, Machi Koro, etc. The older girls are less into games and more into stuffed animals, but will join us for (or willingly be forced to play) Timber Tom, King of New York, or Zooloretto (must be the animals). However, my 7-year-old son is my young Padawan and will play anything and everything in front of him. He's already memorized the abilities and cost of every Star Realms card, is curious to learn Scythe and requests PitchCar for every family game night.

As a pastor, I am honored to lead our young adults group every Friday, and we usually have a group of 6-8 after our evening times together. Easier games like Bohnanza, A Fake Artist Goes To New York, or Coup work well with all of them. However, I've got a group of guys within that group that will come over on Wednesdays after church or stay REALLY LATE on Fridays to play something a bit more involved. They love Legendary, Castle Dice, X-Wing and even enjoyed my PnP version of Scythe. I am blessed to have so many opportunities to game and with a regular group of people I truly love being around.

Yet even with all of these wonderful groups of gaming family and friends, I continue to sneak in an occasional solo session late at night and have been caught playing everything from Ginkgopolis to LOTR: TCG to Trains. Yep, all by myself, and still enjoying it.

BGG has been an incredible resource through the years, and I hope to contribute in some way to others who are here. I'm getting more and more into trading games and posting comments. The people I've met here have been great and I'm looking forward to a happy future of gaming and sharing with my fellow BGGers.

As a final note, my Hot 10 are the games I'm currently looking forward to playing the most (when I actually remember to update, which happens annually at best it seems). My Top 10 are the games I most want to acquire (again, when I remember to update. Hey, 5 kids and a busy youth group will tend to do that).

I've done my best to update my wishlist, but please don't feel limited by it in any way. Used games are fine by me as well and I'm always open to playing something new. More than anything else, please ENJOY the giving, knowing that I will thoroughly enjoy the receiving. Merry Christmas to you!

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Top 10
#1: Scythe
#2: PitchCar: Stunt Race
#3: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – Imperial Raider Expansion Pack
#4: Orléans: Invasion
#5: Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 1
#6: Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 2
#7: Flick 'em Up!: Stallion Canyon
#8: Sushi Go!: Soy Sauce Promo
#9: Love Letter: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies
#10: Machi Koro: Deluxe Edition
Hot 10
#1: Scythe
#2: Codenames
#3: Flick 'em Up!
#4: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#5: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#6: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
#7: Trains
#8: Lord of the Rings
#9: Star Realms
#10: Best Treehouse Ever
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