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George Ramos
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Sing, o muse, of the wrath of Achilles...
About Me
I was born and raised in New York City. Lived in various parts of the US before settling in Montreal. My wife and I share our home with our little girl Catherine and a curmudgeonly cat named Vegas. I work in downtown Montreal and get together with a few co-workers about once a month for games. That's not nearly enough, of course, so I'm also a fan of solitaire board games.

What I Like
Give me theme over abstraction any day. A great game leaves me feeling like I entered a new world the same way books and film do. Brilliant game mechanics are sometimes lost if the theme just doesn't connect with me.

How I justify buying games
My wife and friends frequently ask why I nearly always want to play a new game. It's not just a case of "the cult of the new", I only rarely buy new games anymore. I don't have the time! It’s nice to revisit an old favorite on occasion, but I have many games in my closet and until I get through them all I'm reluctant to play any single game more than a handful of times.

Role-playing games
I'm new to RPG Geek, but not RPG's. I started playing AD&D when I was a kid, 6th grade or so, back when it was cool. I then "graduated" to Call of Cthulhu, where I happily stayed for several years. Life intruded and I played only a handful of CoC games (which I had to run) after college, but I started running out of time to prep. My attempt to play D&D 4e was a failure and things ran dry for a long time. In recent years, though, I've been exploring games with more improv and less prep, with Fiasco and Trail of Cthulhu being something of an epiphany. Finally, I've returned to my "roots" with D&D 5e and the Adventurer's League, which I play with Efraim Siounis' Montreal D&D MeetUp.

Quick story: I recently watched E.T. with my daughter and I was thrilled to see the teenagers playing D&D, and my daughter was equally amazed to see what D&D looked like in a "real" movie!

Card Sleeves
The first game I ever sleeved was 7 Wonders. Since then I've sleeved most of the games that play semi-regularly: War of the Ring, Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth, San Juan, Mage Knight, Shadows Over Camelot, Middle-Earth Quest, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and my collection of Lord of the Rings LCG cards. Obviously, I sleeve the MTG decks that I actually play.

Chit Clipping
I've clipped a few of my games. My OCD nature finds it intensely satisfying. My podiatrist wife finds it particularly nerve-wracking, however. She spends her day clipping nails, it seems like a particularly acute torture for that clip-clip sound to accompany her home.

My Avatar
This odd little picture shows inventor Hugo Gernsback wearing his Television Glasses back in 1963. I love images of "The Future" from decades past! And yes, it's the same Hugo Gernsback that published the magazine Amazing Stories.

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