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Fridjof B
Øvre Ervik
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Born in '72 in Berlin, but (was) moved to Norway after a few weeks.
I live in Bergen, a town of a few hundred thousand people on the west coast of Norway, working as a financial controller with an energy brokering company. Apart from gaming, I like to spend time with people from my church, brewing beer, having prog nights, playing disc golf and fishing.

My mom being German, I guess I've got some sort of eurogame-genes in me.

Until I became an adult, my family never had a TV, believing it was only a waste of time and mind. So I grew up with family nights, where we often played games like Quips, Ogallala, Avalanche, Rivers, Roads & Rails, Doppelkopf, Malefiz, Down Fall, Pochspiel, Nile, Mastermind, Connect Four, Tribulation, Yahtzee or Skat.

Today my own family has a TV, but it actually seldom gets turned on. We have started regular weekly family nights since the summer of 2013, playing games with our oldest kids (born 2008 and 2010). Mostly Haba-games so far. And when the kids have gone to bed, we pull out some of the heavier games you can see in our collection. The oldest likes to sneak out of bed, accompanying us for a while, watching us play.

I am fortunate to have a wife who likes all sorts of games, and we have been two times to Essen together. We also arrange game nights for friends and friends friends and friends friends friends about twice a month, with an attendance of 3 to about 15 randomly.

Games I like to play are generally eurogames, but I also like a party game in the right setting. I don't mind loosing, the thinking process and the social aspect is more essential to me than the goal, even though I play to win. And I like to repeat playing the same game for a period, to experiment and develop new, and hopefully better strategies.

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