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Item for Geeklist "2011 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me..."

Finally, my game table has arrived. I'm so happy i ordered it in the best european cherry wood. Awesome!

And here in action:

I'm so happy! kisskissmeeplemeeplemodestmodest

My pre BGG history
I have to thank my parents that i was able to play the first boardgames as a child: Hare and tortoise, Magic Carpet, Auf Achse and (yes!) also Mankommania. While i was like 15-17 years old, i had a lot (and i mean really ALOT) of game sessions with Settlers of Catan and Risk. Likely too many sessions. I did not played a lot in the years after that and i still avoid those games. But like 4-5 years ago, i remembered all those interesting and cool sessions and i was back into boardgaming. I started my collection, searched for new games and information about boardgames. And then i stumbled the first time over boardgamegeek, and here i am!

The last four years with BGG
So, my collection has now more than 500 boardgames. What happened? I felt into a deep addiction for boardgames. But what a nice addiction! I have a room with 6 Billys full of games, our new Gaming Table will arrive on the 20th of November (YAY!!) and i was already two times in Essen. There are already plans to go there in 2012! I have found a lot of soul mates, we have 2 gaming groups here (what is quite impressive for lil Switzerland) and i'm very lucky my girlfriend also likes boardgames, well, i have to admit, a bit less then me. I always get in trouble while trying to explain the third new game in a weekend....but i'll do my best! I'm always after good 2-player games, as we play a lot together. I also play mostly on weekends, as i work normally in the afternoon and evening until 9pm.

And finally some information about me
I'm German, living in Switzerland now for 25 years. I do a job as a call-center manager, working with a lot of young people like students etc. I really like what i do. Unfortunately, my work in also in the evenings, so i rarely play on workdays. But on the other hand, i play the more at weekends. I mostly enjoy a bit more complex games like Agricola or Vasco da Gama, i hate the typically swiss games DOG and JASS! But i also play lighter games, i had a lot of fun with Bang and the new Dungeon Fighter! I rarely play war-games, because i don't have the player for that and the time, but i also enjoy a round of Runewars from time to time. I really want to play those games in the future which i had not the possibility yet:
Die Macher, Dominant Species, Florenza, Antiquity. A hard task, i own all games, but its very hard to bring them on the table, unfortunately.
Beside boardgames, i have the following hobbies: Medieval markets and music (with authentic clothing), and our 3 guinea pigs and 6 budgie's. They are quite loud from time to time, but they finally got their own room....

Oh, and before i forget: We always search for more gaming partners in our Region (which is Bern-east). So drop me a geek mail if you're interested.
Schrib eifach mau wenn'd interessiert bisch.

Recently played games:

The first half of my collection:

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