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I'm a girl geek. Always have been.
I was a child of the 70's-80's. My dad was a geek too and bought us PONG when it first came out. Later we moved on to Atari and the Commodore 64 (Zork!). I'm much more of a Trekkie than a Wars fan. Voyager was my fave Trek series cause girl engineers rule! I don't care for TOS much cause Shatner creeps me out.

I played board games as a kid with my BFF. Our moms used to roll their eyes cause we made up our own house rules to Monopoly to make it more fun. Our favorites were Monopoly, Life, Mille Bournes, and Waterworks. I longed to play D&D with my brother and his friends, but they were NOT gonna allow some girl to join in. In college I played lots of some sort of multi-player interactive solitaire game. I sooo wish I could remember the rules to that (I think Nertz is pretty close)

I am an Aggie Mechanical Engineer (whoop!) and was always great at that math and science stuff that girls were supposed to suck at.
I'm pretty creative too though, so in that I'm an oddity. I'm back into the workforce now after a 15 yr hiatus to raise my kids. I pretty much hate working full time.

I'm a single mom with 2 nearly grown kids: My 18 yr old is my gamer gal buddy, but sadly is quite busy & my 20 yr old is off at college and frequently plays D&D with his buddies. So, I'm discovering the wonderful world of solo gaming.

I like lots of theme (I'm a girl after all ). I'm really not a fan of zombies, Cthulhu, superheros, most things wizardy, and anything with the words death, monster, blood or war in the title. When I get to play non-solo, it's with my family or non-gamers. I always have to teach the rules to folks who have very little tolerance for rule learning. So that limits my gaming to light-medium stuff. I'd love to join or start a game group someday and play some meatier stuff. someday....
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