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Exit 191
United States
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Look to the past, learn for the future.
10 April 2016 - 10 years in the BGG trenches.
I have become a Small World race. (based on my old avatar)

My Superpowers

I was Cheese Chaser of the Month for March 2009 with a score of 139 points!

Jack-in-the-Crack is one of my favorite pictures. so random it hurts. I had it on my door when I lived in a dorm at bible college. it was nice. it freaked a number of people out. it just made me want a burger or two tacos for 99c to eat while doing a pirouette.

Exit 191 is on Interstate 25 in Colorado. I love the exit because there are no signs before it that says where it goes. The actual exit doesn't even say where it goes only "Exit 191". So I guess if you want to read into it it may be a sign of "endless possibility" or something. UPDATE: Exit 191 has been closed, it is no more. Not sure what that means.

Microbadges I have made:

Microbadges I have requested be made mb:

My favorite microbadge: mb
- It reminds me of my childhood up north and our world famousness.

My back into board gaming microbadge: mb
- My wife reintroduced my to gaming before we were married. Anniversary December 17, 2005 mb

My wife's favorite microbadge: mb
- Few things make my wife laugh out loud, this is one of them. Maybe one day it will remind me to shave more frequently, one day.

My favorite game microbadge: mb
- My wife and I really like Small World and I love the idea of having the "Lost Tribes" microbadge since its the race you can't play (but one often seems to live to the end in many of our games).

My "McCullah" microbadge: mb
- My great-grandfather played college football for the then Colorado A&M Aggies (now Colorado State Rams) back in the early 1900s. My father and mother also graduated from CSU. mb

My old school microbadge: mb
- I won this microbadge in the sports fan contest. I was a huge fan of the "Orange Crush" as a kid. This also is for the Hall of Famers John Elway (04), Gary Zimmerman (08), Floyd "The Franchise" Little (10), and Shannon Sharpe (11).

My "yeah!" microbadge: mb
I love the Olympics and this is in honor of Callan Chythlook-Sifsof the Alaskan Eskimo snowboarder. She is the first Eskimo in the Olympics and the symbol is an Eskimo one.

My "grail" microbadge: mb
- For my grail game. One day I will own the original, I don't know how or when, but I will. I am quickly coming close to change this because the Stronghold game is awesome as seen by --> mb and mbmbmb

The Golden Boy: mb
- born on December 3, 2009, after a long time and a lot of work (in Chit Chat)

Christmas Card 2010 mb
- sent cards to Hatchitt, Jion, Cturnitsa, Daikatana
- received

Graduated May 2005 --> mb
Grad school December 2013 --> mb mb
Reason of above --> mb
First teaching job at Freedom: Home of the Falcons mb

Signed on my birthday 26 July 2011 --> mb
(we call the tuff shed - "The Barn" mb)
I also remember the joke as it happened - my idea "what happens in the barn, stays in the barn"

Dogs: mb Dogs: 7/2012: Rio on my birthday (3/2013 Cameron)
Cats: mb Coal: 11/2012-4/2015
mb Hunter: rescued 4/2015-4/2016 (Hazel: 3/2016)

Microbadges from the 2012 freebee
Microbadges from the 2015 freebee

mb - 466 contest entered and 2 random wins! 0.4% Wins - mb

mb I won a contest and didn't realize it for months! mb

mb I won another contest! (at least I realized it this time)mb

mb - I will be eligible for this on 4/10/16!

Thinking about it: mbmb

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Registration Date: 2006-04-10
Last Profile Update: 2016-04-27
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag United States
State: Arizona
Town/City: Buckeye
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Top 10
#1: Small World
#2: Ticket to Ride: USA 1910
#3: Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912
#4: Ticket to Ride: Märklin
#5: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
#6: Tiki Topple
#7: Pandemic
#8: Oasis
#9: Power Grid
#10: Tikal
Hot 10
#1: Lord of the Rings: The Duel
#2: Traders of Osaka
#3: Balloon Cup
#4: Bohnanza
#5: Yahtzee Free for All
#6: Blokus Trigon
#7: Elk Fest
#8: Pirate's Choice
#9: Unpublished Prototype
#10: Weilong
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