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I am 31 years old, married, and expecting my first child soon. I studied computer engineering for my undergraduate and first master's degree, but after working for a few years I found out that sitting behind a computer for 40 hours a week did not suit my disposition at all. My wife and I moved from South Carolina to Colorado in 2008, where I earned an M. Div. from Denver Seminary. I've put my computer engineering degrees to good use by teaching part-time at a local community college, and I also work part-time as a pastor at my church.

The move to Colorado helped turn me on to the gaming hobby. I've always enjoyed playing games, and I owned a few titles before moving out here: a few traditional games (e.g. Risk and Scrabble) and a couple of the more popular German games (e.g. Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne). But upon moving to Colorado I found that a number of my friends were willing to hang out and play games on a regular basis, and I decided to spend a gift certificate I'd received for my birthday on a new game. I obsessively research almost any purchase I make, and stumbled across BGG in the process. The intersection of gaming fun and an active community was enough to pull me in; I was hooked.

I'm a pretty eclectic gamer. My favorite game so far is Agricola, but I also enjoy thematic games, war games, dexterity games, and even party games. I make occasional trips to the Denver Games gatherings around town, but I play more frequently with people I know through other avenues. I'm the most passionate gamer among my friends, so I am usually the one to bring new games and teach the rules. I like to play heavy games sometimes, but I'd rather choose a game appropriate to the group than foist a title upon people that will limit others' ability to have fun.

Gaming is not my only hobby. I love being outside, especially in the mountains. When weather and time permits, a day spent hiking is ideal. I also enjoy practicing my mandolin and dabbling in photography. It's more than a hobby, but I also love the Church and working towards community development.

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