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Jon D
United Kingdom
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That tickles!

I have been playing modern boardgames for many years after playing ticket to ride with family. I grew up playing many old style non- euro games with my family (which we still do every time we get together). I am a retired magic player from my university days and occasional video game enthusiast.

I'm a thirty something year old Londoner, happily married to a non-geek.

I can be found gaming at London on Board on Various nights.

I like games with lots of interaction, that look pretty and are pleasingly thematic. I also like Euro games (but only the good ones!)

Things that I enjoy in a game:
Original designs from Japan
Trick taking (with a twist)
Good graphic design
An interesting theme
Player interaction
Variable player powers and asymmetrical games
Network Building
Card play
Historical games

Turn offs:
Multi-player Solitaire
Plain looks
Pasted on or boiled down themes *Shakes fist at Knizia*
Games that knock you out in the first round, then make you hang around until the end of the game with no chance of victory.
AP prone players *If you are I will likely not play a game with you more than once* robot
Shipping goods in the Mediterranean *yawn*
Brown graphic design *CoughAleaCough*
Multiple paths to victory that are actually just the same way to win with slightly different clothes on

I do trade, but i'm primarily interested in English or international editions only.
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Town/City: Deptford
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#1: Cosmic Encounter
#2: Age of Steam
#3: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#4: Eldritch Horror
#5: Glory to Rome
#6: Battlestar Galactica
#7: Quartermaster General
#8: T.I.M.E Stories
#9: Android: Netrunner
#10: Combat Commander: Europe
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