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Jojo Conwell
United States
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I currently only have about 70 games, old and new.
I serve as Organizer for the Meetup group of Boardgamers in the Clear Lake Area, aka League of Extraordinary Gamers on account of we started playing in League City. We started off meeting two Tuesdays a month but the gamers to to play more hours each evening and more evenings; so now we play weekly at Cafe Express or Barnes & Noble, you can find us on meetup.com

For me, there are two categories of games that I like; exciting games, and enjoyable games.

Every game that I am winning or and see how I might be able to use my resources to win is exciting. (Also party games are exciting, and I really like them.)

Then there are games like Colosseum which are enjoyable. I definitely enjoy playing games when we are figuring out the nuances of the game as a group.

I can enjoy any game that does not have one of the mechanics that I find objectionable: punish the loser, spacewalk/mancala movement, player elimination.

PRESENTATION :How do you explain your boardgaming hobby to outsiders?

I just kind of say our games are shorter than Monopoly and require more decision making. But I liked the following quote which was responding to a guy who told people about Germans and there love for and art of designing games...."Personally, I don't mention the Germans. I lie to them. I have this game like Hearts (Dia de Los Meurtos), this game like Tetris (Blokus), this game like Monopoly (Acquire), this game like Cranium (Time's Up). Sure, I'm lying, but it is close enough that no one has walked away unhappy yet. " - Jeffrey McBeth (mcbeth)
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