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Channel Islands
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Okay some quick detail, I live in Jersey, which is the largest of the Channel Islands, located in the middle of the English Channel. That's the bit of water between England and France, it's a nice place to grow up we speak English but have French street names and being the most southerly point of the British Isles we enjoy mild winters. I have two young sons, who in time will become avid board gamers...yes you will boys!

Above the start of a life long competition over the gaming board.

Below for my eldest, he loves this ...

hey you can even stage wargames with lego, check out,

Okay, lets talk about games, which is why we're all here, lately I've tried La Havre, and enjoyed it. I understand it's from the same makers as Agricola which I have also played but found that it always seemed to finish too soon, I guess I've just never quite got my head around the forced diversification within the game.

A few random ... from my collection.
Current favourite games are Cuba and also enjoy Power gridnuclear, I was an electrician many moons ago so I guess it's still in my blood. I'm also interested in traditional and historical games like Senet. Have a look here for a cracking little online version Incidentally I'm currently a technical designer, which involves me writing small programs in Perl and Unix shell scripting and I also do some document design, it's fun ... no really.

That's all for now, I'll add more detail soon, need to go catch a bus to maintain my low carbon footprinttrash oh my game colour is Green d10-5!
see ya

PS: How many dead hookers can you fit in my garage?
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Another two if I move my bike!

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