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When it comes to board games, I would say that I live the Cult of New - I love to read rules, think about the game mechanics and how the game actually works for and fits the theme.

I, just like so many others, have too many games and not enough time. And it seems that in today's hectic world, it is difficult to find a group of friends to sit down for several hours to play a game that we all mutually enjoy - but for me, I would say that once you do find that time slot, the people and the game, it is one of the greatest things in life

However, being in the Cult of New, often means that I sadly dont get enough play out of all of my games - even though I pretty much like all of them!

I'm a huge LotR and StarWars fan and so of course enjoy any LotR game and any space themed game!

Here is my gaming history:

Growing up in a suburb of Sydney Australia, I started playing games at a young age, around 10 years old, when i convinced my parents to buy Hero Quest for me ... i had been playing RPG style games on PC previously (starting with a Tandy SX 1000, games like Ultima I and II, Heroes Quest from Sierra and other Quest series) - but with HQ in hand, I was the envy of my friends and we got some REAL play out Hero Quest (not like games today, but more on that later!).

Having played Hero Quest and its expansions, the next step for me was Space Crusade and Space Hulk - both were amazing games and blew my mind - we would spend all day during the summer holidays in my neighbour's carport / shed playing these! Sometimes, we also did a little actual roleplaying (D&D, think it was 2nd ed?) but it was boardgames that I really loved.

Once i started high school, I started to hang out with some new people, which meant i was exposed to a new company/branch/concept - Games Workshop. I loved the miniatures in my beloved Hero Quest and Space Crusade (but didn't realise they were actually a sub-product of Games Workshop) and so it seemed like a natural progression to play Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, even though I couldn't really afford many actual minis (used a lot of cardboardwhistle). Then I was introduced to and loved Blood Bowl - this was THE hotness for much of high school, although as I moved towards the final years of high school, I got a part time job and had some extra spending cash, which allowed me to splash out and join the Magic the Gathering craze. Also around the same time, I started playing the Star War CCG and Lord of the Rings CCG, which I felt was far far superior to the Magic game play (it also helped that I am huge fan of SW and LotR). Also, I was able to buy some new boardgames, (RoboRally) and also pretty much bought every GamesWorkshop product at the time - Warhammer Quest, Talisman , Necromunda, Gorka Morka, Titan Legions, and Warhammer 40k (Orcs), but even then there was still not real eurogames or real board games...

During university years, I ran with a group who weren't so much into boardgames, but more computer games, so I spent most of my time playing PC games (X-wing and Tie-Fighter, SW Rebellion, Privateer, Starcraft, Diablo 1+2, Baldur's Gate, Fantasy General etc). However, that was not to say that I did not play games at all during the uni years - I did pick up Colossal Arena and loved it.

But it was once I started working full time and moved to Europe, that I had the means to really enter the board gaming scene - it was then that I began to discover the wealth of games out there - especially euro style games, that were still fairly new to me (for example, i hadn't heard of Settlers of Catan until 3 years ago shake).

And in 2010, I attended my first Essen Spiel... wow. That was simply mind-blowing ... so many games and so little time and money cry

But i really loved it, and managed to take the same group of friends again this year (2011+2012) and this time around, felt much more in control, being "veterans"

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