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Byron Campbell
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I'm a writer, editor and game design enthusiast living in the Los Angeles area. When I say "game design enthusiast," I mean that I sometimes have more fun dissecting and appreciating a game's DESIGN than I do playing the game itself, and I certainly seldom care whether I win or lose. I'm especially fond of the creative ways game designers bolster their theme with mechanics and their mechanics with theme.

I'm primarily a solo gamer, partly as a victim of circumstance, but I've grown to appreciate the ability to play games when I choose, at the speed I choose, and with the immersion that isolation brings. As a non-competitive gamer, I was predisposed to like co-op games anyway, and while it pains me to have to skip experiencing a cleverly designed game because it requires 3+ players, I've mostly shifted my buying habits toward soloable or light 2-player games.

I was introduced to modern board games in 2012, and was instantly enamored of them. Before that, I was a longtime video gamer, but I've found board games offer me an experience that video games were giving me less and less--the ability to use my imagination.

I'm working (slowly, but steadily) on my own solitaire game design, which I blog about on Building a Better Solitaire Story Game. I'm also working on a list of solo variants and/or solo-playable games I own here: Lonesome Journey 2 - My Continuing Quest to Transform My Collection Into a Solitaire Smorgasbord.

I need geekbuddies! I'm too shy to send out requests myself, but I spend a lot of time on BGG and would love to get to know a few of you better, and maybe do some electronic/asynchronous gaming.

Currently, I write for nerdspan.com and entropymag.org. The Nerdspan audience is composed more of fans of comics, video games and animation, while Entropy is for literary folks who also happen to like gaming, movies, music etc. I'm a big proponent of Kickstarter and independent and/or small game designers, and try to feature them on both sites. If you are designing or publishing a game you'd like me to review, I'd love to hear from you! I ask for no compensation, outside of a review copy.

Happy gaming!
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