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Mr. Cat. Hold on I think I know my next move, just give me another minute....NO!!!!!!!
My gamer profile is that of building, enabling, and co-operation. I also like multiple choices and multiple victory paths. I prefer "shorter" games of 1.5 hours max. But Le Harve seems to break that rule and Arkham Horror I can do about once a year. Le Harve is the one "meaty" game I can get my wife to play and enjoy.

I perfer games where a player is never out of the mechanic of the game. Even though they may not be winning, a losing player can still make signifigant impacts in the game and feel lincluded until the end. I like games that promote synergy amongst players, while still feeling you are against them.

I very much dislike solely betting, bluffing, cut-throat games. But I do like the press-your-luck, and some "screwage" to other players as long as it does not take them out of the game.

I am a WoW convert, (2004-2011) holy crap more than half a decade. But, I am not big on the D+D fantasy type games, unless there is a good playability feature with them. Sadly it seems more people seem to identify with fantasy-medieval rather than Sci-fi.

Some of my favorites are: Seasons, Airlines Europe, Ticket to Ride(US, EU, and Nord), Le Havre, Fresco, and Stone Age. It seems I like card games more than true "board games" with pieces.

My wife really enjoys Splendor, Gates of Loyang, Qwirkle, Seasons, and TTR. She also enjoys Caylus, we play it over 3 days similar to how they would play cricket.

My first foray into miniatures was X-wing, I love the game, I love the ships, and I couldn't care about the movie Star Wars. I have seen it once and I am OK with that. Though I did love X-wing vs TIE growing up. I still have yet to finish growing up...apparently, so I am told.

My oldest games that I still have are a copy of, are Samurai Swords and Killer Bunnies. I bought KB solely off the namesake thinking it would be a lot more fun, and before I knew about BGG. I am sad that I bought an original copy of Battle Lore and I do not play it as often as it probably should be played.

I did venture into the foray with X-wing miniatures, and I really do like the game though not the tournaments. Fly casual my friends.

I also combined all my dominion sets into one box, then put them all back separately about a month later as it made it easier to store, but not easier to set up or play. It was so heavy I deemed it Dominion:Backbreaker.

I at one time updated my plays, but I got tired of it and it fell to the way side.


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Top 10
#1: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#2: Caylus
#3: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#4: Fresco
#5: Stone Age
#6: Le Havre
#7: Ticket to Ride
#8: Core Worlds
#9: Alhambra: Big Box
#10: Viticulture
Hot 10
#1: Seasons
#2: Airlines Europe
#3: Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture
#4: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#5: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#6: Caylus
#7: The Pillars of the Earth
#8: Flick 'em Up!
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