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I suck at replying to mail, so you may have to, uhh, shout. And repeat yourself.



Napoleon's Triumph?
Rommel in the Desert?
EastFront II

Quartermaster General
Could this be the year you trick someone into teaching you TCS?

Tuesday 11/18:

Wednesday 11/19:
10AM - Convention check-in
12PM - 5PM - EastFront II with leroy43 (meetup)
7PM - 9PM - Wargamers' Meet & Greet
9PM - 1AM - Napoleon's Triumph with leroy43, cmontgo2, SabreRedleg, "etc." (meetup)

Thursday 11/20:
10AM - 3PM - Rommel in the Desert with mistermarino (meetup)
4PM - 7PM - Churchill with eapeas and SDawg (meetup)
9PM - 12AM - Rommel in the Desert with cscottk (meetup)

Friday 11/21:
2PM - 5PM - Rommel in the Desert with freebird52 (meetup)
6PM - 12AM - EastFront II with SabreRedleg (or Red Winter or War Stories)

Saturday 11/22:
2PM - 5PM - double-blind Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign, 1815 with cmontgo2 and leroy43 (meetup)
7PM - 10PM - HoldFast: Russia 1941-1942 with airjudden (meetup)

Sunday 11/23:
10AM? - 2PM? - High Frontier with SabreRedleg, xilan, JohnnyOffice


Napoleon's Triumph
Rommel in the Desert
EastFront II
Maybe Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles (meetup) (if so, print up the Ghost Panzer version of the rules etc.)
Map G1 South

Are you playing NT with Meerkat? And Jarred?
Maria with leroy43 and MWChapel
You would like to try Container
And König von Siam

Tuesday 11/19:
6PM - arrive DFW
6:05 PM - 12AM - Rommel in the Desert with mistermarino

Wednesday 11/20:
10AM - Convention check-in
10:05AM - 4:30PM - EastFront II with leroy43
7PM - 11PM - Napoleon's Triumph with leroy43 and cmontgo2 and others (meetup)
11PM - open

Thursday 11/21:
BEFORE 3:30PM - open
3:30PM - BCT Command: Kandahar with jwboone (meetup)
6PM - 8PM - Battle for Baghdad with jwboone, Con Man, jonocop, odd_texan (meetup)
8PM BGG Con 2013 Scotch Tasting (although I may not do that; not sure whether I can bring anything)
9PM or 8PM if I don't do the scotch thing - 12AM - Storm Over Stalingrad with mistermarino (challenge!)

Friday 11/22:
1PM - 5PM - Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan with SabreRedleg
6PM - 12AM - EastFront II with SabreRedleg

Saturday 11/23:
9AM - 12PM - Napoleon: Waterloo Campaign with leroy43 and cmontgo2, double-blind, either by the Geek Chic tables, or at 10AM, refereed by Grant from Columbia Games! (leroy43's list says 10AM.. that's better for me, ha ha.)
1PM - 5PM - Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan with Bulwyf

Sunday 11/24:
12PM - 4PM - High Frontier SPACE JUSTICE with SabreRedleg & xilan
6PM - depart DFW

Stuff About Me

Suddenly, it all makes sense: when these guys said the evening would start with "four play," they weren't referring to a chess variant.


If you were to combine the games I like, you'd get a Cheapass Columbia block game with Icehouse pyramids, with limited downtime, light rules, and just enough randomness to keep things interesting. Running over people with tanks, good. Forcing your buddies to fight each other, even better. Exploration and trade... not so much.

(I also tend to like bidding, blind bidding, and games where you have to predict what the other players will do.)

Here's what my ratings mean:
10 - Let's play this! (BGG's 8 or 9)
8 - Yeah, I'll play this! (BGG's 7 or 8)
6 - Well... OK, I'll play this. (BGG's 6 or so)
4 - Are you sure you want to play this? (BGG's 4 or 5)
2 - Dude, I'm not playing this. (Probably BGG's 2 or 3)

Here's why ratings are bogus: "I always want to play this" can only mean under optimal conditions for this game. EastFront is one of my favorite games, but if we only have two hours, or if there are five of us, or you're three years old, I would rather play something else. I'm still calling that a 10, though, because under the right circumstances, I'm going to suggest it!

Or take Family Fluxx: I would never, never play this with my regular group, but if my regular group is trickling in and there's a beginning reader who only has 15 minutes until bedtime, and he's excited about playing a game with the grownups, then it's about an 8, isn't it? What would be better? Maybe Geschenkt, but you can't really add new players in the middle, and you have to come up with some handicap ("you get 10 extra points," that's not so cool).

Or take Go. I'm not much of a Go player, so with a person who also doesn't really know how to play, I wouldn't suggest it. But if a good player wants to spend an afternoon schooling me, I'm all over that. What do I rate that, then?

New games, too: at this moment, End of the Triumvirate is sort of new to me, so I'm trying to push it on people whenever the circumstances are right.

Anyway, the result is that my ratings are skewed so high as to be nearly useless, but I don't see another way to do it. (The BGG guidelines just don't fit in my brain; I would never rate anything higher than an 8.) At least the relative ratings should give you an idea of what I like, in case you're trying to figure out whether a game I suggested will be your kind of thing.

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Top 10
#1: Rommel in the Desert
#2: EastFront II
#3: To The Last Man!
#4: Napoleon's Triumph
#5: Condottiere
#6: Wiz-War
#7: Gheos
#8: Hammer of the Scots
#9: Playing With Pyramids
#10: Conquest of the Empire
Hot 10
#1: Sturm Europa!
#2: The Guns of Gettysburg
#3: Valor & Victory
#4: The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with Toy Soldiers, Ships and Planes
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