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Bill Herbst
United States
New York
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I am a high school Latin teacher from Long Island, NY. I have been interested in hobby gaming since I was a kid in the 1970s. My interests now lie mostly in meaty Eurogames and Euro-influenced lower complexity wargames but I still regularly play abstracts, Amerigames, card games, sports games and some old school wargames. I have an appetite for variety in gaming and will generally prefer to play something new or something that hasn't seen the table in a while to something I've played a few times recently.

In regards to trades, I am most interested in doing larger multiple game trades in one shot. I often will refuse one item trades for relatively inexpensive in-print games because the shipping approaches the price for the game new (I belong to a gaming group that buys often and free shipping thresholds are easy to meet when you've got a group of compulsive buyers on a message board). I am interested in many games other than those on my want list (and I would be willing to trade some games not on my trade list) so multi-game deals are often possible even if we don't have more than one direct match. I also try to respond quickly to all trade requests.
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