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What My Ratings Mean
(Shamelessly borrowed from kuhrusty)
10 - Let's play this! (BGG's 8 to 10)
8 - Yeah, I'll play this! (BGG's 7 to 8)
6 - Well... OK, I'll play this. (BGG's 6)
4 - Are you sure you want to play this? (BGG's 4 to 5)
2 - Dude, I'm not playing this. (BGG's 2 to 3)

And For Expansions
10 - Let's include this! (a flat-out improvement to the base game)
8 - Yeah, I'll include this! (good but not essential to pair with the base game)
6 - Well... OK, I'll include this. (this is the base game with more, but perhaps not better)
4 - Are you sure you want to include this? (this takes the base game in new directions that it maybe didn't want to go)
2 - Dude, I'm not playing this. (this is actively detrimental)

So Rusty obviously put a lot of thought into a succinct summary of his ratings, which is why my "Expansions" portion re-uses the copy. But much as he wrote up explaining how he's got issues with the BGG suggested metric, I've got issues listing expansions the same way as their base game. Context matters, and it's not so much "how good is this thing in isolation?" (because you don't/can't play it in isolation) as "how good is the base game with this relative to the base game without it?"

Examples for how the expansion ratings look in practice:
10 - Pandemic: On the Brink wonderfully enhances Pandemic; anyone who likes the base game ought to have this as well. New roles and special action cards provide additional variety on the player power side. New "virulent epidemic" cards give you a second axis for adjusting with the difficulty, as does the fifth disease. And there's never a need to sit down before a game to specifically separate out the expansion components if you want to play a vanilla game. Ease of use like that matters, even if it's hard to quantify. If you enjoy the base game, you ought to get this expansion, too.

8 - Most any expansion in the Dominion family does interesting new things with the Dominion system without adding much in the way of new rules (other than the card text). If you like Dominion, these are not just more but different and interesting things that enhance Dominion. However, none of them rise to the level of "always include" for me, so they're not 10s. These expansions should improve your enjoyment of the base game.

6 - We Didn't Playtest This Either (or any of the Playtest games) plays, for practical purposes, exactly like the original We Didn't Playtest This. Adding the others doesn't make the game better, but neither does it make the game worse. It just adds more of the game. If you want more, hey great -- but don't buy something in this category expecting it to elevate the base game.

4 - Star Trek: Attack Wing – Deep Space 9 Expansion Pack is a static object in what ought to be a game of dynamic maneuver. It doesn't fit; it's shoehorned. Don't go out of your way to get an expansion like this for its gameplay value.

2 - Dominion: Black Market Promo Card was noted by the designer as "a card that could only reasonably be published as a promo card", which is to say, it's not good enough to warrant a slot in a normal retail product. It shows. Dominion is too good a game to dilute with a gimmick.

(in both cases, 1 is reserved for "not a game", though I'm not sure I'll ever see an expansion I'd rate as such -- it's not like I'm rushing out to buy or play crap stacked on top of stuff I already rate as crap)
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