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Marco Keja
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I won this overtext in the Rummage-o-rama! Thanks Cate!
As most people I didn't get past Monopoly and Barricade in childhood. As a student a fellow student (here known as Fullmoon) introduced our group to role playing and The Willow Game. Role playing didn't do it for me, but board games and quickly after Magic: The Gathering did the trick.

A few years later I met my wife. She was also quickly converted to a gamer and together we've been to the Spiel in Essen for 16 years in a row by now. In the meantime we created two new gamers. Both of them are already infected with the gaming virus.

Happy gaming!

Dear Santa,

Thank you for your message. Knowing you'll be watching over me at night makes me sleep all the better.

It's very good to see you're already picking up some Dutch words. With the words you picked up I do get curious where you learned them. They don't really seem to fit with your line of work.

I do hope Poepjes isn't lost forever and that he will return from his noble quest shortly. I don't want to be the cause of search parties looking for a lost elf.

All the best,


Dear Santa,

Thank you very much!!!

Your presents have arrived. And what great presents they are. Having a box with games standing around was more than we could handle. So we opened it up right away.
Dragon Rampage should get its first play tomorrow evening during our regular game night.

We do have a minor problem with the expansion for Seasons though. Although very much appreciated, it's in German. I do speak some German, but most of my fellow players don't. Not having much use for it I think the best thing to do is to return it. But for that I do need your help. You first have to tell Amazon you want to send something back so they'll provide you with the return labels.

It is not necessary to replace the expansion with another gift. We're already very happy with Dragon Rampage by itself!



Dear Santa,

Turns out last week was a bad week for gaming. Our regular game night got cancelled due to sickness of either gamer or partner. Dragon Rampage has to wait a little more before getting to the table.



Dear Santa,

We just posted the Season expansion, so that should arrive back at the start of next week.



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